Dave Draper Column Archive

This Week's Article— Winding This Down

We Were Making Such Good Progress

Be Strong. Be Courageous.

We Need to Talk

A Tough Grasp

As the Summer Fades

It's Your Privilege

Draper Q & A, Part Two

Draper Q & A, Part One

Seek Sanity

What Can We Control?

You and the Iron Are Good Together

A Layoff Will Do Us Good

I Ride with the Hellís Dogs Outta Jersey. Iím Bad.

Good Plans Go Unattended

You're Fine

The First Step is the Hardest

Every Day is a Challenge

A Landslide of Thought

Variations of the Curl

You Feel Like a Bowl of Mush

It's the Season of Restoration

Effort Fortifies Effort

You Are Lifter against Iron

It Starts to Take Shape

The More We Discover

The Gauges Pop Their Springs

Clear Skies, Warm Temperatures

I know What You're Saying

Greet Each Day

Build a Skyscraper

The Pace, Not the Race

Whose Need is Deep Enough?

Six Big Qualitiess

When Purpose Wanes

Shall We Commit?

We win not by luck or brilliance

The Tough Endure

Save the World One Bomber at a Time

The Power of Attitude

Planned, Meaningful Disorder

A Time to Be Peaceful

Reality Check


Bingo, Won a Few Contests

Instinctive Training Is Not Random

Soar When You're Inspired

A Chill in the Air

Follow Your Nose

October, the Tinman

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

You Need Brains, Instincts and Action

The Dayís Half Over

Training with Doubt Is Training Imprisonment

The Kid Becomes a Gym Rat

Your Decided Purpose

A Sure Grip on This Thing Called Life

Here's a Good One

Today's Questions Are Tomorrow's Answers

Obstacles in Your Way

Nothing's New

Chasing an Attitude

Skill Takes Practice

The good stuff is so good

It's glorious hard work

Taking the Sting out of a Thorny Day

Anybody you know?

We're Works in Progress

You Stumbling?

We train for muscle and power

Training Past 40

Are Training Plateaus Real?

The Learn from My Mistakes Interview, Part Two

The Learn from My Mistakes Interview, Part One

It Must Be Done


I'll Keep Trying

Say Goodbye to the Child

It's been a long day and you feel pummeled

About Today's Fitness

Call It Persevering

Easy Answer, Tough Pursuit

An Old-School Q&A

A Bomber is Not Hard to Please

Real Life Scenarios

Stronger and More Capable

John Izzo Interviews Dave, Part Two

John Izzo Interviews Dave, Part One

Consider This: What if You Don't?

Where Are We Now?

The Gym Never Fails

A Generous Partner

We Need to Talk

We Hover, We Wait

Not a Secret or a Hot Idea in the Lot

The Holiday Foothills, Redux (X4)

Bodybuilding's Best Ever Writer

The Best Workouts

A Stranger to the Steel<

The Challenge Is in All of It<

What Do I Do Now?<

Don't Let Her Idle<

Let's Grab a Cab<

Squats Must Be Done

Deeply Stored Away

May I impose upon you to use your imagination?

To Have Fortitude Each Morning

Here's Where Some of Us Go Wrong

We Can Control It

What's the Best Muscularizing Strategy?

Shooting from the Hip

Let's Not Grow Old While We're Still Young

Another Mail Call

Tears Don't Cut It

Who Doesn't Love a Vacation?

I Remember When

Now to Get Ripped

The Unfolding Picture

What Might Prevent You From Succeeding?

Not Much Has Changed

We Carry On

Let's Get Started

All The Reading on The Web Confuses Me More And More

It's Easy to Grumble

It's a Jungle Out There

Springtime in America

What's the Big Deal?

The Titles Came and Went

Pick Up The Pieces

Huge and Ripped, Which Will it Be?

It's All About Youth

The Iron and Steel Toolbox

Each rep is a charge, every set a blast

We Are in This Together

That Rare Breed Is You

Overflowing Questions

Start with the Edges

We’re Making It Up as We Go Along

It’s in The Delivery and The Deliverer

We're Not Average

Progress Is around the Corner

Over The Hill

The Old, The New

May Your Adventure Be Rich

December Limbo

December Gets Crazy

Crime Stoppers Holiday Note

It's Out of Our Control

A Handle for Every Mood

Behind the Smile

Trial and Error

Your Vacation Is Unfolding

Masters in Disguise

The Relationship between Iron and Man

I Exaggerate

It's The Best Defense

Never Relinquish Your Grasp

What A Stark Contrast

The Inquiry Is Universal

A Few Basic Training Principles Are in Order

At the Gym Door Looking for Sanity

You’ve Got to Chomp on That Iron

What I Told Him, Part Two

What I Told Him

Remembering That One Day

I Can't Help But Notice

You're in a Slump?

Imagine That

Nothing Much Has Changed

Life's a Bowl of Cherries

I Scanned the Layout

These Are The Days

Trash Disposal Technician

Time Races On

A Story to Tell

There Are Times

Call Us Crazy

Bombs Away

Sounds of Spring

We Blast to Last

The Call from the Tower

The Reps Are Calculated

There Comes a Time

Take Five on Me

What Was It Like in the Golden Era?

No Predicament to Resolve

Training for the Over-40 Gang, Part Two

Training for the Over-40 Gang, Part One

That Training Stagnation

That Rare Breed Is You

Look Forward and Don’t Stumble

Hesitation is Doubt

How Do We Keep Them Going Next Year?

We’re up to Our Ears

The Holiday Foothills, Redux

Memories of Leroy Colbert

Entering the Holiday Season

The Weights Remain the Same

Bombers Are Made to Fly

Where Ya Been Lately?

Attitudes Are Adjustable

I’d Rather Have Iron Than Silver or Gold

A Real Gym Does That to a Person

The Triple Ds

The Don’t Make Waves Interview, Part Two

The Don’t Make Waves Interview, Part One

Today's Ordinary Humans

Planning a Weight Gain Program

Those Mysterious Companions

We Learn and Move On

It’s Just a Slump

The Six Points

Don’t Rush the Days

Silence or Rock 'n Roll

You Are Not Alone

Let's Get Started

The OnFitness Interview, Part Two

The OnFitness Interview, Part One

Make It Good

Here’s What I Would Do

Last Week the Facts, This Week the Factors

The Top 20

Muscle Are Forever

The Critical Bench Interview, Part Two

The Critical Bench Interview, Part One

Get Yourself Going

Getting Started in a Gym

Something's Gotta Give

Mass-Building Workouts

Back to the '60s Again

Out of Sight Musclebuilding

The Underlying Dilemma

Travel with the Best

Behind the Smile

Early One Morning

Strengthening the Back

Hysterical Historical, Part Two

Hysterical Historical, Part One

I'm No Rawhide Cowboy

January is Promising

If I Push Myself

The Old and The New

The First Step

Learn From My Mistakes, Part Two

Learn From My Mistakes, Part One

The Holiday Foothills

Wrestle That Mad Dog

When the Stick Broke

Big Arms Over the Years

Apply Your Savvy

Unstoppable Forward Motion

A Gym On Every Corner

An Everyday Musclehead

 A Pause in Training Intensity

The Heart of the Matter

A Nip in the Air

It’s Not a Battle

I'm Thinking of a Time

Enjoy, Relax, But Stay Alert

Back Story with George Butler

A Bombing & Blasting Degree

Next Year is Another Chapter

We Outlive the Discomfort

I Shoulda Kept My Weights

Mid July and Sunless in California

This is Short and Dumb

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

You Might Want to Take Notes

Moving on with a Swagger Stagger

Be Strong and Courageous

Iron Age Proverbs

It Must Be Done

Some of My Best Friends are Dumbbells

Connecting the Dots, Filling in the Blanks

Stick, Stack, Stuck

Lost Truth -- $50 Reward

B-72 Without a Plan or Propellers

The Lost and Found Department

Nutrition and Muscle Building Can Wait

A Quick Glimpse in the Rear View

The Needle’s on Empty, But There’s Gas in the Tank

We Want Scott!

Larry Scott

Once There Was a Tree in the Woods

Perplexed, Bothered, Bewildered and Silly


Don’t Rain on My Parade

The Bomber Buster

Snooze Letter: Patchwork Update

What's Up!

Me and Mel the Cat

Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

A Christmas Song and a New Year Dance

The Holiday Foothills

December Aerobics -- Shop Till You Drop

It Can't Be Thanksgiving, It Was Just Christmas

Counting Sets and Reps and Other Blessings

No Knuckle-Dragging Allowed

Choice Morsels, Tasty Delights

For the Ladies and Gentlemen in the Bleachers

Bomber Affordable Health Care -- Bombercare

Bentover Rows, Powerful Mass Builders

Repel the Slug of Monotony

Do Not Fall

The Trouble with Bulking

Night Moves, Dancing in the Dark

The Straight Line is Unbent

Incoming, Outgoing, Never Ending

Let’s Not Train and Say We Did

The Dungeon, 1963

Optimal Conditions - Perfect Timing

Lift a Little a Lot -- Lift a Lot a Little

Partial Movement, Partial Muscle

Take Me To Your Leader

Bits & Bytes Collide

Sliding into Summer


Too Distracted to Have a Purpose

See Ya Later, Alligator

Q: What is the IRS? A: The Inner Reverse Squat

Mid-Way 2013

Imagine The Truth


Iron and Lace

Flix, Flax, Flux, Flex

The Weightiness of Time and Iron

Extra Extra -- The Weekly Bomber Buzz

Walking the Canary

Breaking News

Joe Weider in A Thousand Words

The First Day of Spring: Rejoice and Be Glad

Let’s Do More, Let’s Do It Again

Simplicity Made Simple: Push, Pull, Grunt, Grin

I Hear You Knocking at My Front Door

I Had a Dream

Serious Matters -- Time, Age, Life, Iron

See Iron, Lift Iron

There’s a Bear in Them Thar Hills

The Art of Training

It's a Funny Thing

Email, Twitter, iPod, Facebook

Come and Gone, Came and Went

The Last Lifter Standing

Fiscal Cliff, Health Care, Entitlements, Social Security

Getting Straight to the Point

Allow Me to Confuse You


The Limbo -- How Low Can You Go?

On a Scale of One to Ten

Weekly Wrap

Autumn Storm

Report of a Missing Newsletter

A Small Gathering, but All Present

There’s No Turning Back. This Is Serious Business

Up in Smoke

Happy Labor Day, Ironworkers

Lolita and the Goldfish

Odds and Ends, Hand-Me-Downs, Cheap Knock-Offs

White Noise, Echoing Silence of Iron

Breaking News -- Broken News

The Beat Goes On

Vacant Warehouse for Rent

The Whole Catastrophe

Joys of Summer in Disguise

July Fourth -- Independence Day

Shut Up and Work Out

Rope Tucks, aka Dive Bombers

The Little Inn for the Big Boys

The Bermuda Triangle

Bust a Slump

Short and to the Point

Plenty Enough

Let's Do It Again

Sanctuary for Social Misfits

Guns, Girls and Lies

Steel Away

Seven Sons of Samson

Me and the Mob, The Grand Conclusion

Me and The Mob

Animal Rights for Muscleheads

In the Still of the Night

Solid, Bold, Mighty and Silly

Trash Disposal Technician

The Beginning, The End, The Center of Things

To Train or Not to Train

That’s One Bad Exercise, Harry

Envy Not the Young and Eager

Ain’t It Funny

Some Things Never Change

A Tad of Discipline and a Chunk of Habits, Please


Canary in the Iron Mine

Just Get There

I Remember When

Bye Bye, Choo Choo

Muscles: Pure Delight, Total Satisfaction, a Lasting Joy

Work Like the Devil for My Pay

That’s Some Crazy Kid, Lady

The Seven-Year Itch

Rise Up, Lift Weights, Be Strong

Better Now Than Never

Then and Now

Rough ’Er Up, Tough ’Er Out, Suffer ’In

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Never Forgotten

The Times They are a Changin’

Out of Order According to Plan

About Motivation, Then and Now

Can I Go Now?

My Imitation of a Cranky Old Bomber

Buy Three, Get Two—While They Last

Around the Corner, Over the Hill

Trivia, Nonsense and Gobbledegoop

The Bench Press Revisited Doowap Dowah

He’s Punishing Himself

Freedom, Liberty, Independence

Silver Linings, Silver Days

The Path of Most Resistance

Questions Not Enough People are Asking

Too Late. This One’s a Goner

Nostalgia, Curiosity, Need and Nonsense

Remember, Form, Focus, Fun

When Sanity and Intelligence Fail, There’s Always Absurdity

Smooch Face, Sets, Reps, Archetypical Exercise

Dr. Whatshisname and Dr. Whatshername

Musclebuilding -- Past, Present and Future

Go to the Gym -- Do Your Best

Is There a Shrink in the House?

Spring Boot Camp -- A Kick in the Butt

The Expectant Spectator, Huge and Rippling

Sketchy History of a Musclehead

Witty, Willful and Wiley Wascals

You Can Say That Again

And I Almost Took a Layoff

I Work Out Cuz I Feel Lousy if I Don’t

Beyond Young, Before Old

World Peace and Weightlifting

Spunky Monkey

Now Here's a Novel Idea

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Like I Said Five Years Ago, We Press On

360 Days to Get 2011 Right

Bomber Research and Development Update

Lies, Prevarications, Fibs and Deception

Rejoice: December is Here for Good

The Months of December

Season Silliness

The Calm After the Roar

Lift or Lose

Two Quarters, A Dime and A Nickel

Dragging My Bones to the Gym

Late Night at the Cuckoo's Nest

The Most Forgettable Characters I’ve Met

The Home is Where the Iron is

Through Hot and Cold, Thick and Thin

Much to Say About Nothing

On the Bluffs of Metal Mountain

Blimps, Biplanes, Gliders, Hot Air Balloons and B-50s

Training in the Timeless Trenches

Forecast: Sniffles and Overcast Skies

Welcome Home, My Wife, the Bookie

Plates On, Plates Off

Drip, Drop, Droop, Drape 

I Wish I Was a Kid Again… Again

With Cliches, Who Needs to Think?

Sports and Iron and Playing and Winning

Catch Me if You Can

Musclehead Daydreams

Ouch That Feels Good

From One Cuckoo Nest to the Next

Toys for Tots

Live ’N Learn, a Tough Combination

The Thought of Summer Makes Me Silly

Time Out -- What’s the Hurry, Why the Rush?

Look Between the Lines and See

A Dog is a Man’s Best Friend

Waste Not Time, Effort or Spare Parts

The Building Blocks of Society

Penetrating Study of Training ABCs

Be Here Now, Then and Always

I Miss Winter – Not So Much

Pushing and Pulling in Concert

Bent Buckets, Broken Bottles

Rock On, Ironheads

Something to Think About

Underground Dungeon Documents

Noise, Aka, Thinking Out Loud

National Bombing and Blasting Magazine

A Little Foolishness Can Be a Good Thing

A Toll-Free Bridge, Workout to Workout

Joe Rollino

Fun and Games of Growing Up

Twenty Ten, a Very Good Year

Yes, it’s a Merry Christmas as Promised

Another Week, Another Newsletter

Let Not the Season Be Lost to Worry and Hurry

December Song and Dance, Act One

The Thanksgiving Story

Holiday Spirits and Heart Burn

Don’t Just Stand There, Go to the Gym

Open Door, Enter Gym, Lift Hard, Exit Gym, Close Door

Oh, That I Could be a Tree, Thick Limbed and A’swaying

Pressing On

Sights and Sounds Free of Charge

There’s No Business like Show Business

A Golden Opportunity Amid Tarnished Times

Musclebuilding Made Simple

A Stretch of the Imagination

Musclehead Kaleidoscope Mind

Life’s Lessons and Secrets, Friends and Foes

All Aboard... The Train is Leaving the Station

Bungee Cord and Exertube Training for Power, Mass and Cuts

Where Do We Go From Here?

Pull Over, Mack. You’re Speeding

A Bomber Does What a Bomber Has to Do

Champ, Big Guy and Bubba to the Rescue

To Twitter or Not to Twitter -- Tweet Tweet

Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Sumertime

Gravity, Iron, Force, Time, Space (GIFTS)

A Day at the Beach on a Sunday Afternoon

Forward, Backward, Sideways

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Life Without Iron

The Draper Jawdroppers

Flash: Fitness is for Everyone -- You, Me, Them

Home Alone

Take Me to the 100-Pound Dumbbells

Muscleheads: Here, There and Everywhere

From Russia with Love

Attitude and Altitude -- Higher and Higher

Hold On -- Never Let Go

Weights: To Lift or Not to Lift

Gravity Was Different Then

Now and Then -- Muscle and Might

Come and Get Your Fresh Roasted Peanuts

From here to Eternity

Lost and Alone Without the Iron

Internal Board of Supervisors

Light Weight -- Heavy Exertion

When in Doubt, Go to the Gym

Trivial Pursuit: Muscle, Strength and Health

Take Me to Your Dumbbells

Izzo Interview, Part Two

Izzo Interview, Part One

All I Want for Christmas is Two Twenty-Inch Arms

GDB -- Getting Down to Business

Tis The Season Of Jingling Bells And Iron ‘A Clanking

Garage Sale: Barbells, Dumbbells, Old Muscle Mags

Tricks of the Trade

You, Sir, the Muscular Guy in the Third Row

Hey Buddy -- Got a Minute?

Iron Halos -- Steel Commands

The Essential Nothingness of Weight Training

Home Training Made Simple

Let Go, Lighten Up, Back Off Now or Never

Draper Financials, Inc -- Invest in Iron and Steel

The Diverse Paths of Winter Training

The American Dream

If it's broke -- Fix it

Muscle Mag Interview, Part 2

Muscle Mag Interview, Part 1

The Collider Will Be Back

Four Minutes to Nowhere

Cluttered Garages and Passing Time

Mister Robert Jones Will Not Go Away

Mister Robert Jones Returns to the Gym

Muscular Mass, Strength of a Giant

Summer of 2008

Where Were You in the Day?

The Overflowing Riches of Iron and Steel

Where Have I Heard That One Before?

No Rest for Iron-Hoisting Muscleheads

Commonsense and Adapting: Tools of the Trade

Have Problems -- Will Fix

Excerpt from Brother Iron, Sister Steel: MGM Town

Give Me the Iron or Give Me a Pine Box

Spring Madness, Pre-Summer Silliness

Time Flies, Kid -- Hang onto Your Hat

This is Heavy

Bombing and Blasting, Dashing and Plodding

Still Crazy After All These Years

Travels with the Secret Unknown Stranger in Disguise

Spring Training for Stealth Bombers

You Can Look, but Don’t Jump

Getting Older is a Laugh a Minute

Ah, the Good Old Days

No, I’m Not Running for President

I’m as Dumb as a Rock (Iron Ore)

Windy Skies Lift Us Higher and Higher

Knowing What I Know Now

The Day the Rains Came Down

I Go Through Cycles

2008 is Gonna be a Great Year, Bombers

My Wife was Driving, Officer

Jolly Holiday Mumbo Jumbo

Heavy Mid-Season Christmas Message

Questioning One’s Sanity

Lower the Anchor, Don’t Drop the Iron

Time Passages

Another Day of Scheming and Day Dreaming

Hello, Obesity. Sit. Have a Donut.

The Great IronOnline Truth Test

Muscle Talk for the Humble

We Dare You to be Sensible

Blast Not, Lose Much

The Hook is Getting Deeper

Birds of a Feather

Contentment, the Luster of a Life; Complacency, the Rust

Make-Shift Kitchen, Home-Brewed Muscle Soup

Dragging an Unwilling Body to the Gym

A Work in Progress

Slow Me Down, Lord

The Question You Always Wanted to Ask

Nothing Changes, Nothing Remains the Same

Between Me and the Walls

Timely Instruction for the Young and Not So Young

Muscle: Lean and Healthy, Functional and Attractive

Sacramento Invaded by Musclebound Ambassadors

It Takes a Dumbbell to Know One

Muscle Blasts from the Past

The Times They are a Changin’

Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen

Observations Worth Forgetting

What You Did Is Who You Is

The Tough Love of Weight Training

Point and Shoot

Training: Love it or Hate it

Unbudgeable Solid Dumbbells

Dripping Springs or Bust

Ordinary Workouts Made Extraordinary

Startling New Training Scheme from the Dumpster

Musclebuilding and Spring Gliding

Thunder and Lightning, Sunshine and Rainbows

Day 25 and Counting

Time Flies — March 14, 2007

Too Early for Insight —March 8, 2007

You've Gotta be Kidding — February 22, 2007

Training According to the Masked Iron Warrior

About Us and the Things We Do

Work and Pleasure, Duty and Joy

Health and Strength and the Joys of Living

Winter Workouts -- Soup's On

Bodybuilding, Dancing with the Iron

Muscles and Might, Live and Learn

Muscles, Time and Moving On

High Rep Training Investigated

Weight Training, It's all in the Mind, Smiley

Weights, Workouts and Personality

Diet, Exercise and Thanksgiving

Weight Training and the Winter Wilderness

Muscle and Strength for all Reasons and Seasons

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Musclebuilding, Bombing and Blasting

Musclebuilding Research and Study

Lost and Found Department

Sound Exercise, Right Eating

Exercise and Strength -- Seasonal Creativity

Weightlifting in Painsville, Land of Opportunity

Gyms and Weight Training -- Take 2006... Camera Rolling

Strength and Health, Goodbye Summer

Muscle and Fitness, Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Muscle and Strength—The Only Way to Fly

Overcoming Discouragement and Disappointment

Superman, Super Girl, and Me

Bodybuilding -- It's all Good

Soup's On

Where Do Little Girls Come From?

The World According to AARP

Clip, Clipping and Clipped

Ordinary is for the Birds, Not Bombers

Meet You at the Gym, Dad

Tales of Juneau

The Musclebuilder Has His Hands Full

Vigorously and Without Doubt

The Nose Knows

The Only Way Is Up

Just The Facts, Ma’am

Forming Clay With One’s Hands — Function, Art and Joy

Fast as You Can, But Don't Hurry

A Gym on Every Corner a Robust Society Does Not Make

A Leaky Spring Has Sprung

Overcoming Discouragement and Disappointment 

Opportunity Knocks

More’s Not Better, Few’s Not Enough

Pounding the Iron, Getting Huge

High School Johnny and Mike the Man

Can’t Get My Eyes Off Of You

I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy

Me and the Mob

Optimism is for All Seasons

Bomb Squad Confirms Earthshaking Discovery


Hi There. I Feel Great!

What Bodybuilding Means to Me -- A Love Story by Dave Drapeless

Exercises are for Kids Who Fly Kites; Movements are for Bombers

It’s Two Zero Zero Six -- Gone Before Ya Know It

True Musclebuilders Don’t Let Go

All I Want for Christmas

Eleven Days Till Christmas and All’s Well... So Far

About Weight Training: What, Where, When, How and Why

Breadcrumbs, Birdseed and Bits

Confessions of a Lifter

Iron On My Mind

Bomber Countdown

Straight Talk from a Crooked Mouth

She Ate Popcorn, I Had Humble Pie

Locked in a Time Zone Without a Clue

Count Thy Blessings, Lest You Forget

Iron on My Mind

Rock Around the Clock

The Sun Also Sets Over Missouri

TIME: Colorless, Odorless, Soundless, Weightless
All-Consuming and Everlasting

Shun Fault, Seize the Facts

In Case You Hadn't Noticed

A Day Late and Short on Words

Misery Loves Company

Thorns and Roses

A Path Unwinding to Places Before Us

In Case We Don’t Answer the Phone

And Now for a Dose of Innocuous Brainwashing

Smash Bash

When in Doubt, Remember the Past

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Haven't You Heard

Up, Down and Sideways

Training Over 40

Money's for the Birds

Monday, Monday -- Two More Reasons to Lift Weights

And the Madness Goes on

A Work in Progress

Aren't You Glad You're a Bomber?

Be It Ever So Humble

Stocks and Bonds, Sliced and Diced

Bored? It’s Not the Movement. It’s the Mover.

Who are they?

Sunrise over Bomber Field

The Changing Scene

Ouch! Tendonitis

Arnold Classic 2005

Top Priority: Physical Fitness

Bash 05 Guest Announcement: Bill Pearl

Draper Dungeon

IOL Research Clinic Report # 577

Another Month

The Strong Survive and the Relentless Aspire

The Decadent Tuna and Water Diet

Much to Say About Nothing

Muscles by the Bushel

May Your Blasting Be Long Lasting

Yuletide Meanderings

Gym Town, USA

Russ Warner, A Most Unforgettable Character

Muscling our Way Through the Holiday IronOnline Thanksgiving

Weight Training Q&A

All I Want

I Remember When

The Big Chill

Barbells and Muscles

Motivation in Training

October, the TinMan

Bomber Bash 04

Muscleheads I Have Known

Good Gyms are from Heaven

Instinctive Training: Allow me to Confuse you

Seasonal Workout Changeup

Dungeon Duty

Pet Peeves

Stop and Think

True Adventures Obesity in America

Muscles and Power, Foods Supplements and Diet

RIP Joe Gold, 2004

Muscle Beach, Venice, California

Weight Training Peaks and Valleys

Positive Attitude in Training

Health and Fitness

Exercise Combinations

Weight Training is Character Building

Training Motivation, Intensity

Keeping a Training Schedule While Traveling

How to Adjust Your Ailerons and Stabilize Your Flaps

Egor, Bring Your Pick. What's Under This Rock?

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

Train Till You Drop, Pop

Beats Working for a Living Away from the Maddening Crowd

No Club Med or Dance Floor

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Obesity Rises as Character Falls

A Blast of Buckshot ShopTalk

About the Ironman

You Win, You Lose, You Crawl

Not the Keys, but They Jingle

The Institute

To Soar Like Eagles

Tell it to the Good Fairy

The Recycling Bin

New York New Year News

A View of Things to Come

Bodybuilder's Grocery List

Sweet Sixteen

Ageless, Others Tried It

If Only

Bomber Security Meeting

Super Scoop

The Big Scoop

Lack of Motivation

World War III, Man Against Fat

Health and Wealth, Winners and Losers

Flight-Plight Grab-Bag

I'm Done and I Crawl Home

Visions of Training

Twist of Lemon

Muscularity in 2,100 Words

Barrels, Anvils and Logs

Rumbling and Rambling


Discipline the Brat

Free for All

MTS is Real and Not a Laughing Matter

The Year was 1967

More Q&As

The Gym, a Dying Breed

Florida and Bash 2003

To the Muscle and Might

No More Chocolates

Bomb Squad Discourse

I'll Be Happy When

Basic Obedience 1A

Can’t Fly Without Wind Under Your Wings


I Feel Like a Fig

The Supermarket Connection

Lighten Up and Fly High

Down the Highway and on My Mind

When in Doubt, Ramble on

The Song of the Whooping Crane

Breaking the Mold


Just Another Arnold Spectacular

The Closet

Arnold is Classic

A Frontier to Explore

All Flights—Real, On Time and Non-Stop

The Winter Before Spring

Going, Going, Gone

January Attitude

The Runway is Clear for Takeoff

Bombers Don’t Burn Out

Allow Not Life to Hang Limply Over the Bedpost

Sunny Storms Ahead

Final Revival

Joker's Wild

Learn from My Mistakes

Get a Job

Time to Climb Repair and Recovery

Bash 02—Las Vegas, An Account

Give Me Five

Been There

Obesity and the Emotions

Whatcha Got Cookin’

Loose... Pondering

Stand and be Strong

Air and Ground Show

The Big Picture Few See

What, me worry?

Goodbye, Kansas City

Smart, Confident and Courageous

The Shadow Knows

Exceptions to the Rule

Hey, Sarge

Intensity in Mind and Spirit

Weekly Snoozeletter

Mail Call

The Earthling Contraction Contraption and Much, Much More

Growing up side by side with all our might

Another Week Older, Again

The Farmer Bomber

Fistful of Time

Ripped Zipped

Tight nutriton and hard-hitting workouts

First Things First

Red-hot Subject Matter

Summertime Strategies

Father Revival, Mother Survival

Have Weights Will Travel

The Compromise

Time—the ripe fruit of barren trees

Where's the fat? EFA oils

Where have all the cactus gone?

George Eiferman

The Interrogation

Cholesterol: Try a little respect

Bulking up is hard to do

No Aches, No Pain... Nowhere

Texas, boots and stones: A true story

Tora Bora

Fire and Ice

The Blunder Buster

Solid, Bold, Mighty


Once Upon a Time

Pencil Necks and Pot Bellies

Seasonal Training

Hector Meets Long Ranger

Squats for Kicks

Mass Building for the Masses

Older and Stronger

Rescue Company 1

Get to the Point Training

Preaching to the Choir Lest They Slept

Personal Security

Tryptophane X

Prevention's Sweeter than the Cure

A Small Taste of Fast Food

The Amazing Hormone Connection

Some Things Never Change

Success in the Subconscious

YoYo Diets


E! True Hollywood Story

Eat, Sleep, Work & Play

Chuckles, the Bomber

Who are you and where are you going?

Where's the Pool and Hot Tub?

Spring Interval Training

I was here first

Summer Shape Up, Progress in Motion

Response to Newsletter Survey

You, Yourself and Your Personal Trainer

Rumor has it

How to Choose Your Gym

Another Imaginative Musclehead with Nothing Better to do

The Twelve Rules of Right Eating

Tidy Little Mess

Eat. Train. Be Happy.

London TownExtra. Extra. Read all about it

Where have all the Cowboys gone?

The Coveted Upward Cycle

I'll Take the Herculean Hundred and Ten Pound Set, Please

The Good Stuff—Basic & Stimulating

Bombs Away

Serious Fitness Seekers Only

Hold on, Bombers

A Word to the Choir

Back to Back

Bikes are for Kids

NextBlast Off 2001

Ready for Action, Ready or Not

Another Week Older and Deeper in Debt

Better Now Than Never

Straight Talk Goes National

Straight Talk for the Overweight

The Power of Attitude

A Cloud of Unsettling Dust

The L.A. Pounce

What, Me Worry?

The Old Matted Flea Bag

Plateaus: Fact or Fiction?

The Exalted Olympic Games

Wonder Boy Hallucinates

Trip Trap

Beat it or Bust

Farewell, Dear Taskmaster

Mop and Polish

Insecurities are for People Only

Questions to Ask Yourself

Nocturnal Prowess

Gym Closes in 5 Minutes

I'm The Bomber

Bomber's IQ Test

What I Would Do If I Were You

You Lift. You Learn. You Grow.

Discipline, My Main Man

Steve Reeves

Cardio Thoughts

The Gleaning Fields

Mystery Workout

Getting Ripped, May 2000

Insistence on Persistence

Hound Dogs

Buffalo Stampede

Homemade in America

Basic Combinations Fulfill Basic Needs

Ultimate Workout

Like a Lump

Going Back

Classic Arnold

What Book

Rip Rap

The Missing Masses

Repel the Slug of Monotony

Arms, Then & Now

Memories of Muscle Beach

Tough Times Need Tough Measures

Crank up Your Engines with Camaraderie

Fight The Good Fight

Is There A Smoker In The Room?


Speaking of Whey Protein

Bulgebellious Miserabeles

Back in Action

Strike a Spark - Getting Started

Draper Menu Review

Upper Chest - Engage the Whole

Travels with Zane

Load up the Manta Ray

Make a 6 Month Plan

Don't Misplace Spontaneity

This Incomparable Sport is for All of Us

Time For A Shoulder Pump

Ed Corney, Truly a Classic

Prepare for the Psychology of Winter

Challenge Report - Weight Gain Update

Who's in Charge Here?

Day-to-Day Training is Tough

You Up For A Challenge?

Information Overload - You got it?

Train with Confidence

Didn't Get Prepared for Summer?

Bent Over Rows - Tough Back Work

HIT, Mentzer's Heavy Duty & More

Two Days a Week Will Do

The Process of Shoulder Repair

An Often Asked Question About Shoulder Repair

A Tribute to Artie Zeller

Not Ready For The Contest?

Muscle Beach Gym, Santa Monica, CA 1963

It's Tuna & Water Time

Exercise Descriptions

Getting Started at Home

Forearm Training and Other Tricks


Pain and Injury

Negative Conditions

Simple Rules for Proper Nutrition

Intense Outer and Lower Lat Routine

Nauseous After A Workout?

Stay the Course

Getting Started in Bodybuilding

Standing vs. Seated Presses

Leg Priority Training

Winter Bodybuilding

Training Styles

Bulk Up For Winter

Mid-January, The Journey Begins

New Year's, Get Started

The Exercise Gap Grows

December Fitness Part 3

Mid-December Bodybuilding Crisis

December Fitness Foothills