IOL On Target Workout Programs

These routines were written for you by a group of IOL discussion group participants and are geared around either bulking up or trimming down. Choose a routine that suits you, make any needed adjustments for injuries, available equipment, volume and frequency choices, and then plan on sticking with that routine for the next two months. Non-stop, one workout after another, piling up on each other to let the exercises do their work. Feel free also to drop in on the IOL group to ask questions or give your thoughts on any of the submitted routines.

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Henrik's Big Gainer
Guy's Logical Split
Art's Comeback Routine
Hugo's Lean Gainer Weeks 1-4
Hugo's Lean Gainer Weeks 5-8
Bodybuilding 102
Gene's No Wimp Workout
Sam's Abbreviated, with a Twist
Laree's 8-Week Trim Down
Mike's Magic
Gary's Big Bench Routine
Craig's Broken Toe Workout
Jim's Safe & Sane
Laree's 8-Week Muscle Up
Tim's 5-by Split
Adam's Squat Until You Drop
William's Triple Split
Jeff's Real World Training
How to Tweak a Workout
Understanding Superset Training
Sample Bodypart Workouts

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