How to Gain Weight

More food, more often.

Don't gorge yourself, but be prepared to eat and train hard. Protein from red meat, poultry and fish build muscle most effectively. Milk by the quarts, containers of cottage cheese and lots of eggs will add significantly to your muscle bulk and power building.

Whole grain breads, cereals and muffins work well for carbohydrate and fiber intake, while potatoes, rice and pasta are the most stable and popular sources of carbs. They burn clean, and with intense training they're not likely to store as bodyfat. Bring on the vegetables of your choice, variety here is good. Complex carbs, fiber abundant, vitamins, minerals and exotic micro nutrients lurk in these foods.

Between meals shakes of Bomber Blend protein, plus peanut butter and bananas are convenient and powerful ways to add to your positive calorie count.

Plan your menu daily. You'll need to eat often, upwards of 6 meals per day. Don't overload your system, we can expect to absorb about 35 grams of muscle building protein at a sitting. For serious weight gain commit to these principles.

Remember, lots of water, lots of calories.

Keep a training log. Record your meals, training program and poundages.

Only with heavy training will your heavy eating be productive. Add squats and deadlifts to your workouts.

Never allow your nutrition to falter, even for a few hours. Keep extra food, protein drinks and supplements at work, in your gym bag and in your car. We're on a mission.

Review the specific supplement section for information on the elite bodybuilding nutrients. For advanced training and elite performance, creatine, BCAAs and glutamine do work. Big time.

Don't neglect your aerobic work. 20 minutes, 4 times a week will keep you from getting sluggish, increase you blood volume, raise your fat burning metabolism and maintain maximum endurance for training on the gym floor.

Don't contemplate your navel — to get big and muscular you'll need to carry bulk. Bulk's fun. Your back, shoulders and arms spread out, tugging on the seams of your shirt. (This is mostly a "guy thing"...huge, bull, monster, etc.) With the size comes power. Power enabling to train heavier and harder and meaner.

This training formula plus big eating equals big core muscle. So ignore cuts and a trim waistline. Focus on the mass, muscle separation and balance. There's a season for everything. There'll be a time for muscularizing and getting ripped later.


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And now, get yourself some Bomber Blend protein powder for quick and easy food supplementation.
Add banana and peanut butter and the calories begin to count!