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Dave's Muscle Mag Cover Shots

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Team Up To Train, Muscle & Fitness September 1989

An Average Day, Muscle Builder July 1967

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Florida Weight Man 1967
Arm Forum, Donne Hales Florida Weight Man, 1967

Muscular Development
On Target with Dave Draper, Muscular Development, June, 1988

Blond Bomber Speaks, Part 1
Star Profile, The Blond Bomber Speaks! Part 1, MuscleMag International, April, 1999
Blond Bomber Speaks, part 2
Star Profile, The Blond Bomber Speaks! Part 2, MuscleMag International, May, 1999
Muscular Development by Artie Zeller
Pulling Himself Up By His Bootstraps, Muscular Development, March, 1988

Dave Draper Today
Reynolds Raps - Dave Draper Today, Muscle, December 1979

Iron Rules, Muscle & Fitness
Iron Rules, Muscle & Fitness, June 2000

Muscle & Fitness, May 2000
Bodybuilders Anonymous, Muscle & Fitness, May 2000

The Business of Brawn
The Business of Brawn, Raleigh North Carolina, 1979

Draper's Keys to Training
Dave Draper's Keys to Successful Training, Muscular Development, November 1990

Muscle Training Illustrated
Dave Draper, Mr. America, Muscle Training Illustrated, March 1974

Dave Draper In Canada
Dave Draper in Canada, Muscle Mag, August 1975

IronMan Magazine 1970
Watching Dave, IronMan Magazine, November 1970

The Blond Bomber Talks Bodybuilding.
The Blond Bomber Talks Bodybuilding, IronMan Magazine, November 1988

Dave Draper, A Candid Picture.
Dave Draper, A Candid Picture, Health And Strength, January 1971

Training Partner Blues, MuscleMag International.
Training Partner Blues, MuscleMag International, September 1989

Where Do You Want To Go?, IronMan Magazine.
Where Do You Want To Go?, IronMan Magazine, April 1990

Mass From The Past, IronMan Magazine.
Mass From The Past, IronMan Magazine, April 1995.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 28, 1999.
E-Mail & Exercise, Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 28, 1999

Flex Magazine, April 1989.
From the Gut! Scientific Diets? Flex Magazine, April 1989

Flex Magazine, June 1991.
Better Than Ever - Training Legs With Dave Draper, Flex Magazine, June 1991

Flex Magazine, December 1989.
Total Body Training With Antagonistic Supersets, Flex Magazine, December 1989

MuscleMag International, August 1989.
The Art of Posing, MuscleMag International, August 1989

IronMan Magazine, December 1989.
Just Another Workout, IronMan Magazine, December 1989

Muscle Mag International, May 1990.
Why Do You Have All Those Muscles? MuscleMag International, May 1990

Muscle & Fitness, Dave Draper article.
Draper's Dungeon, Muscle & Fitness, August 1988

Dave Draper, Flex Magazine.
Training Past 40, Flex Magazine, March 1990

Flez Magazine photo of Mr. Universe Dave Draper.
Overcoming Stress, Flex Magazine May 1989

Body Thrust, Flex Magazine Article.
Body Thrust, Flex Magazine October, 1988