There's an extraordinary mixture of people out there training, and every one trains with purpose. Locally, as I look out over the gym floor, observe the variety of activity and listen to the range of questions thrown my way, I'm convinced that the flow and continuity in our training should be encouraged from the very beginning. Once we're past the first week or two of introductory exercises and we get the feel for the equipment, muscle resistance and our level of condition, we're ready to practice interesting exercise combinations that piece our workouts together. This style of training is called supersetting, where two or more exercises that complement each other are performed one after another to enhance our output. This multi-set training not only condenses our workout time, but increases our productivity considerably.

Single-set training has its place in our workouts and should be retained for strength and mass building. However, a routine blended with superset combinations adds excitement and dimension to our daily workouts. A highly gratifying and inspiring muscle pump is achieved as blood ladened with oxygen and tissue building nutrients fills the individual muscles, causing greater muscle growth.

Supersetting is a technique I've applied for over (gulp) 30 years - one I put into use long before reading a muscle magazine or going to a gym. I instinctively gravitated toward a non-stop training style to maintain enthusiasm and momentum. Without the down-time between sets, you become more involved in your training. There's no time for daydreaming, wishing you were somewhere else or becoming bored. In fact, a most desirable attitude of training develops, one that we wrongly think is reserved for athletes on the fringe of competition. This attitude of training is a valuable tool of confidence and provides a very real psychological benefit.

With a little time and a little practice your training becomes more athletic as you more through the gym from one exercise to another. Your heart rate remains higher, you stay warmer and you near the edge of aerobic training. Concentration becomes automatic and the harmony of movements will lure you onward.

Listed below are some of by favorite combinations to splice into your regular exercise program; 2 or 3 sets of 10-12 reps of a superset performed at a moderate pace with a moderate weight will bring this all into focus. Supersets are for everyone. Read on for advice on the SlumpBuster combinations that will suit you; they'll trim your workouts down and lift your spirits!

Dumbbell incline press/dumbbell pullover/seated lat row

Bench press/widegrip pulldown

Bent bar curl/lying tricep extension

Steep dumbbell shoulder press/sidearm lateral raise

Dumbbell alternate curl/overhead tricep extension


Leg extension/leg curl/calf raise

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