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11-11-19 06:24 PM - Post#890183    

MMS post

Just starting the program, not much of a lifting background. Although a pretty extensive general training background (former pro boxer.). I spent a couple of years doing calisthenics training following my retirement from boxing. I really have enjoyed that, and will probably return to it some time, but I’d like to get stronger and build some mass.

Prior to beginning Mass Made Simple, I had been doing a very basic “park bench” workout to familiarize myself with some basic weightlifting.

Anyway, onto the program. I have to admit, I do have to make some modifications, but I’m going to do the program as closely to the way it’s written as I can. The gym at work is good for everything but the squats, as it only has a smith machine. I’m excited to allow myself to eat more. I admit, between coming from a heavyset family and being a boxer, I have had a bit of fat phobia.

So I decided to purchase a squat rack I found on Craigslist to do the workouts at home.. So I’m trying my best here. At home I’m limited by few dumbbell weights, but since Squatting seems to be the heart of the program, I figured I’d rather sacrifice overhead pressing and bat wings.

Day One: This was at the work gym, before I bought my rack. So plenty of dumbbells, but smith machine instead of rack.

Weight: 160 lbs, 5’8”

Bench Press: Worked my way up to 165 and did two sets of 5 of that. I worried it would be too much for the next workout, as I struggled with the last couple reps.

Bat Wings: 35/45/50

One Arm Press: worked up to 45

Bird Dogs: I don’t count them, i just do them for a while and try to make it as pretty as possible.

Complex: 45/65/75
- My first time doing barbell rows, as well as hang cleans. Took me a few reps to get used to cleans, so I did some extra practice with the empty barbell.

Back Squat: 30x95, even on the smith machine this was mentally taxing, I took a couple short breaks....although I felt like I recovered from it quickly when I was done.

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Boogies MMS Log
11-11-19 06:35 PM - Post#890184    

I’ve been doing a good job of eating a lot. Oftentimes I’m a bit uncomfortable from eating so much! I’m trying to eat healthy foods for the most part, outside of a weekly cheat meal out with my wife. I’ve also been trying to stay warm, and making sure to dress warm, even when training.

For my recharge day, I bought my squat rack and barbell/weights from a guy on Craigslist. Loading, unloading, and setting that up was my recharge!

Training Day 2:

Bench Press:
- Failed on the last set, rested a bit after 3 and squeezed out one more. I’m not sure what weight to use for the next workout. I’ll try less, maybe 155... Bummer.

Bat Wings:
- Don’t have big bells at home, so used lighter weight for more time. Honestly, I think it may has benefitted me. I felt like I could really get a deep retraction in my shoulders.

1A Press:
- Since my training weight was 45 lbs anyway, I was able to just use a 45 lb plate with a handle. These worked out well, and feel like I’m at the right level. Last couple reps are tough, but I’m getting them.

Bird Dogs: same as last training day

Complex: 75/75/75/85/85
- Love the complex, gets me huffing and puffing, and something new to me. The last couple reps at 85 my OHP became a push press..

- feels so good to squat naturally... With that said, this was brutal. Had to take a couple of quick breaks on both sets (kept the weight on my back though). My quads got sore
immediately after I finished the workout, tomorrow should be interesting! (I climb stairs all day at work)

Cooldown: I spent some good time stretching, as I was pretty freaking whipped after the workout... Felt good.

I’ve really been enjoying the guilt free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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Boogies MMS Log
11-13-19 07:56 AM - Post#890260    

Legs are still toasted from workout 2.

Pretty confident I’ll be in good shape for tomorrow’s workout though. Going to play on the rings a bit for recharge, and do a few light goblet squats and stretching.

I’ll reduce the load on the bench press since I missed reps on the last workout.

Eating good, trying to get in at least two additional snacks a day. Usually have a sandwich of some kind after work, and some additional serving of protein after dinner as my “snacks”.

Been enjoying diet soda and that classic powdered creamer stuff in my coffee more than I like to. So I’m committing to axing those bad habits starting today.

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Dan John
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11-13-19 10:19 AM - Post#890265    

Keep going!
Daniel John
Just handing down what I was handed down...

Make a Difference.
Live. Love. Laugh.
Balance work, rest, play and pray (enjoy beauty and solitude)
Sleep soundly. Drink Water. Eat veggies and protein. Walk.
Wear your seat belt. Don’t smoke. Floss your teeth.
Put weights overhead. Pick weights off the floor. Carry weights.
Reread great books. Say thank you

Will Linn
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11-13-19 07:26 PM - Post#890297    

Keep going with the eating. Try not to let it slip.

I notice in a lot of logs once people start saying 'didn't eat as much today' or 'need to eat more' a few days later they end the program due to illness.

There is a lesson in the importance of recovery there somewhere! Haha

Say hello to God for me on reps 40-50 :D

Good luck!
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Boogies MMS Log
11-14-19 09:11 AM - Post#890327    

Thanks for the inspiration, and the reminder of the importance of eating. The wife bought me one of those halo top protein rich ice creams, that’ll be a good “snack” one of these days.

Last night was a recharge.

Did some unweighted split squats, focusing on the stretch.

Followed by some slow Ring push ups, sinking deep in between my hands to get a stretch.

Ring Rows, similar to the pushups, getting a full stretch at the bottom and a good squeeze at the top.

A few (3) skin the cats. Pulling into these with strength is probably a bit too intense for the goal here, so I’ll use a little more momentum next time. Held the German hang for 5 seconds or so each time.

Finished with a couple more split squats, and a “thread the needle” glute stretch.

Definitely got some of the burn out of my body.

Still have some slight soreness this morning, but mostly gone. Ready to handle today’s workout later.

Having my post workday snack earlier so it doesn’t interfere with my workout.

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Boogies MMS Log
11-14-19 05:45 PM - Post#890359    

Training Day 3.

Bench: Dropped to 155 for this workout since 165 seemed too rough last time. Made all the reps and will return to 165 for next workout.

Batwings: Had dumbells this time, so went with 60 lbs like I did on day one. After doing them with 20s on day 2, I realize I’m not getting nearly the retraction with this much weight. Gonna try something a little lighter next time.

One Arm Press: Got all the reps with 45 lbs, but it was tough. Still, gonna try 50 next week.

Bird Dogs: Just making them smooth as possible.

Complex: Started with 85, every Military Press was a push press, so I did the second set at 75.

Squats: 30 x 90, these were already hard.
30 x 115, these were harder yet, but I got all the reps in. (Took me just under 3 minutes on this set...., kept the weight on my back though..)

Takeaways from today’s workout? I’m gonna eat more, looking forward to adding protein shake in tonight as well. Second biggest takeaway, more rest between sets. I had been doing 2nreps, 30 second rest, 3 reps, 1 minute rest, 5 reps, then another one minute or so rest on the 2-3-5s, but I’m realizing I may need more. Ditto for everything else.... I didn’t have a problem resting between the squat sets though.....

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Boogies MMS Log
11-17-19 10:44 AM - Post#890440    

Training Day 4

Spent a bit of time warming up rotator cuff/shoulder girdle during warm up, as my shoulder has been feeling a bit funky.

Bench Press:
165 x 2-3-5 x 2.
155 x 4

- Felt good about this. Last rep of 165 was tough, but I made all the reps. Last time I tried 165, I only made 3 on the last "5 set". Had no expectations with the finishing set of 155.

Bat Wings:
45 x 10s x 5.

- Dropped the weight to get more retraction and "feel" the muscles a bit better. I felt it in my shoulders a bit whenever I lowered the weight.

One Arm Press:
50 (2), 45 x 3-5
45 x 2-3-5

- Tried to go up to 50, but my left shoulder was not having it. Shoulder felt bad the rest of the workout after that. Gonna keep the weight at 45 for a couple of workouts at least til it starts feeling better.

Bird Dogs: Workin on em.

75 x 3

- These felt good. Did all 5 reps of each set, and tried to move through them relatively fast. Gave myself a bit more rest between each set though. Sticking with a lower weight for a strict press.

115 x 25 x 3

- Todays squat sets felt better than the last two training sessions, and I was able to go for longer without a pause, even with the heavier weight.

Overall, I think the protein shakes, and eating a bit more is helping. I also get much better rest during the weekend. (I walk up and down flights of stairs all day at work, not to mention the actual mechanic tasks.)

I also have been cleaning my basement, making more room for a workout area. I added something that I didn't expect to help my workouts so much..

A chair. Yup, having a chair to sit down in helped me rest better and more, especially when it comes to the complexes and squats.

Cooled down with some wall slides, followed by some hanging, and relaxed stretching. Gonna start implementing wall slides on my recharge days.

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Boogies MMS Log
11-20-19 06:01 PM - Post#890578    

Day 5

Had to carry a heavy motor to an attic at work today, that may have affected my workout. Anyway, overall, it was a good session.

Bench: 165 x 2-3-5 x 3.
- Missed the last rep on the last set, paused for a second and got it. Overall, I felt strong on the bench today, and feel like im getting strong physically and through technique.

Batwings: 50 x 5s x 5
- Heavier weight felt good.

One-Arm Press: 45 x 2-3-5 x 3.
- Presses felt great today. Shoulder wasn't bothering me as much, and this was the strongest I've felt on them throughout the program.

Bird Dog: Solid and smooth.

Complex: 75 lbs x 3
- moved through these pretty fast today, but feel like 75 is still all I can do with a strict press after the upper body work.

Squats: 45 x 5, 95 x 30, 115 x 30, 135 x 15
- Made sure to rest plenty between sets. Crushed the first set of 30 in less than a minute I think, and not too much longer for the second set. 135 was clearly more of a challenge, but I still handled it well enough.

Overall, today was the best I've felt so far. I felt like I was kind of pigging out the last couple of days, maybe it was a good thing?

I posted a video of my last set of squats for some critique. I have been worried about "butt-wink" when I go deep.. After watching myself on video, I feel like my form is better when I just squat naturally and deep than when I worry about my pelvic position to much and cut my ROM.

Yes, funky music fits any and all moods and situations for me.

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11-22-19 11:51 AM - Post#890631    

Recharge Day.

Weight: 164-165

So I guess my weight gain seems to be at just the right rate. I haven’t taken any measurements, but it seems I’m gaining the good kind of mass a bit already. Midsection doesn’t really seem to be getting softer, hard to judge though because I stay full most of the time, so I’m often sporting a pretty bloated look.

For recharge today;

I just “got loose” with some full body dynamic stretches, and then did some full body static stretching, screwed around with some cartwheel related movements.

Now to keep on fueling up for tomorrow’s work.
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Boogies MMS Log
11-23-19 11:38 AM - Post#890680    

Training Day 6

The day fell on the weekend, so I enjoyed my home made latte and protein bar, and did some studying about an hour prior to training.

I began the weekly tweak, and had a one scoop protein shake just before warming up.

Bench Press:
165 x 2-3-5-5
165 x 2-3-5 (4 then 1 after racking and pausing, making the 5 reps)
165 x 2-3-4

- I really had to grind on a few of my bench press reps today. Even though the "weight" hasn't moved up much, I feel like I'm making great progress on the bench.

Batwings: 50 x 5s x 5
- Felt strong on these today.

One-Arm Press:
50 x 2, 45 x 3-5
45 x 2-3-5
45 x 2-3-7
- Still wasn't feeling ready to bump the weight up after trying 50 again. So I squeezed out a few more reps of 45 on the last set.

Bird Dog:
I gotta say these felt damn near perfect today.

75 lbs for all 5 sets, had to push press the last rep of the last set.

45 x 5
95 x 10
115 x 10
135 x 50 (22/10/10/7/5)
- Had to pause a few times on the to 50 set, but I tried to "eat the biggest frog first". I lost count after the last "set" of 7, and didn't realize I was on the last rep... I dropped down too fast and got "stuck" and had to re rack and start over.. Then I did 5 (Yup, didn't realize I was damn near done before the collapse..). Other than that hiccup at the end, I kept the weight on my back the whole time, even when "resting".

Squats felt GREAT today, and I found a new cue that seemed to help my form and strength tenfold. "Drive the shoulders back into the bar", really helped me keep balanced, and get through the "sticking point". With that said, my legs are definitely cooked.

General Observations

Todays workout seemed to take me a long time, as each session I'm learning I need a little more rest. Probably 2 to 2 and a half hours. Still loved every second of it. I am really enjoying the program. Did some band dislocates during my cooldown, and they felt very good. Gonna make those a regular thing. I didn't really notice anything about the pre-workout protein, I'll see if that changes in future sessions.

Looking forward to my cheat meal tonight, looking like a beer and some chicken wings.

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Boogies MMS Log
11-27-19 06:10 AM - Post#890803    

Training Day 7

Bench Press: Worked up fo 195 Max double.
- Did one rep at 205 and could tell I wouldn’t get another. Probably could have gotten a double at 205 if I did less before, but I’m happy to go with the more conservative number.

Batwings: 50lbs x 10s x 5, feels like a good weight for me here.

One Arm Press: 50lbs x 2-3-5 x 2.
- I’m sure it’s a combination of less bench volume today, and getting stronger, but I was very happy to finally conquer 50 lbs. Reps felt strong too.

Bird Dogs.

Complex: 75-85-90.
- Had to push press the last couple reps at 90 lbs, but the book says to increase weight each set, so that’s what I did!

Squats: 45 x 5, 90 x 10, 115 x 10, 135 x 10, 185 x 5 x 3.
- 185 felt pretty damn tough for me. The to 50 workouts are gonna be tough, may have to break them up into several sets... Regardless of how it goes, I’m gonna get em done!

Didn’t get to cool down as much as I like, wife was waiting for me to have dinner. Still got some dislocates done, and some stretches for my tight spots.

I enjoyed the lighter bench volume today. I’ve been having to mind of psych myself up for the bench work usually, and I think it helped me perform better in the OAP as well.

Well, Thanksgiving will be before the next training day, so I should be plenty fueled up for that!

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Boogies MMS Log
11-29-19 07:12 PM - Post#890862    

I haven't actually done a "workout" on my last two recharge days (yesterday was Thanksgiving.)

I do try to make sure I do something active, even if its just carrying a couple heavy things around or doing some extra walking.

I certainly didn't eat like an adult on Thanksgiving but uh, im okay with it!

Training Day 8

Today was the first day of creatine. Keeping up with both protein recommendations. Not sure if the pre-workout protein does much for me, but the night time protein Im thinking will be a keeper.

Bench Press: 175 for 5 doubles.
- I was in control of the weight but it was challenging enough, I had pretty short rests for these.

Bat Wings: 50lbs
- Stuck with the same weight and just trying to focus on getting the shoulder blades squeezed back more and more.

One-Arm Press: 50 lbs x 2-3-5 x 2.
- Didn't feel as strong as I did on the last training day, but still handled the weight.

Complex: 75/80/85/90/95
- I didn't miss any presses, so that was nice. I didn't rest long between sets as the volume was low and I was feeling good.

Squats: 185 to SEVERAL sets..
- Well.. I broke these up into mostly sets of 5. I had one set of 6, and another set of 4 (last set). I did rack the weight between sets, and rested anywhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. This was tough, but I enjoyed it, and its really helping improve my squat form. (The set of 6 was the 4th or 5th "set"). I understand and appreciate the lower volume in the rest of the workout.. but I'm sure that wont last!

I've been having some pinching in my hips at the bottom of the squat since I started the "to 50" workouts.. So I'm going to spend some extra time stretching the quads/hip flexors from now on.
I don't think ill be doing a set of 50 by the end of the program. But I said I was going to finish Mass Made Simple, and that is what I'll do.

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12-02-19 09:23 PM - Post#890957    

Training Day 9

Bench Press: 175, 5 Triples.
- Felt great today. Feel like my form is getting better, and much more in control of the movement and weight. Most importantly, feeling strong. Didn’t rest much between these.

Batwings: 50 lbs x 10s x 5
- Today was the first time I recorded these, and I realize I’m holding it for more like 7 seconds than 10... Oh well, will rectify this next workout.

OAP: 50 lbs x 2-3-5 x 3
- Really happy with my progress with overhead pressing so far.

Bird Dogs.

Complex: 95/100/100
- Also very happy with these so far (as a result of improving my overhead pressing of course.)

Squats: 45 x 5, 115 x 10, 135 x 10, 185 x 5, 185 x 5, 185 x 15, short rest, and another 5 for the “to twenty” set.
- Also really happy with my performance here today. I didn’t get the 20 in one go, but 15 after struggling with 5 last workout felt great, and I still made sure to get all twenty. Also, just feel like I’m getting better at squatting.

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12-04-19 12:44 PM - Post#891032    

Another recharge day where I’ll pretty much consider my workday recharging..

Will do a few stretches for tight areas later.

A couple notes now that I’m about 2/3 way through the program.

I’m beginning to feel that “overall fatigue” that I haven’t really felt from training since I was boxing (been more than two years now).. Amazingly, I was training multiple times a day between running and boxing, and more frequently throughout the week then the low “twice a week” of MMS. Oh how you overdo it to be competitive in a sport + “adulting” in a blue collar field....

The other couple of things I think are a result of accumulation are some pinching in my hips at the bottom of my squats. That usually gets better after I warm up, and funny enough, my feet feel sore and tired, especially since starting to squat the 185.
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Boogies MMS Log
12-05-19 05:42 PM - Post#891068    

Training Day 10

I've been feeling very alert and energized lately, possibly a result of the morning creatine?

I was humping stars all day at work, and was a bit worried about how it'd affect the workout.. Duty calls though!

Bench Press: 175 x 2-3-5 x 2
- I champ'd this today. Last rep was hard, but still probably my smoothest "hard rep" ever.

Bat Wings: 50 x 10s x 5
- Stuck with 50 lbs since I realized I haven't been holding it for 10 seconds anyway.

One Arm Press: 50 x 2-3-5 x 2
- Was a bit tougher today with the extra bench press volume I guess, but I still got through it. Last set of five was the easiest of the bunch today..

Bird Dogs: Workin on it.

Complex: 100 x 2 x 5
- Felt great today. Didn't miss a single press.

45 x 5, 135 x 5, 135 x 10
185 x 20, 185 x 11, 185 x 10, 185 x 9
- Whelp, this felt great today. While its still far from a set of 50, the improvement from the first time is astronomical in just a couple of workouts..

A couple of observations. I've been squatting with the "fill your belly and brace" technique. With the last couple of sets, I tried the "plank brace" technique instead, the weight felt much easier to move, but I feel like my back definitely took more of the load. It feels fine, but I can feel that its tired and "pumped".

Today I seemed to breeze through the upper body part of the workout. (I mean time-wise, it was still tough..) Made me feel good since it's only getting harder.

Another observation, and this is more on the program overall... This program has really been teaching me how to use full body tension, both in the upper body part of the workout, and the lower body part. I actually think this is the reason the last sets of 5 on the one arm press were the easiest today.. I squeezed that damn dumbbell, and squeezed my body down to my toes on that set because I knew it'd be tough...

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Boogies MMS Log
12-09-19 06:46 AM - Post#891178    

Training Day 11

Well the day before I ate nothing but pizza and my protein supplements.. I’m not sure if that affected the workout or not.

Bench: 205 Max double.
- Improvement, I’m happy with it. I tried 205 last time, got one rep and the second wasn’t moving.

Batwings: 55 x 10s x 5
- Used a timer today, handled the weight fairly well, didn’t get great retraction in the final rep though.

One Arm Press: 50 x 2-3-5 x 2

Bird Dogs:

Complex: 75/100/100
- These kicked my ass today. Did two push presses on each set of 100. During the second set, I even had to rack the weight in between the front squats and press, felt like a bit of a failure for the first time in the program.. But I quickly picked it back up and finished off. Oh, I also smacked myself in the chin during one of the “push press” reps. I guess this is why I’ve stuck to strict pressing for the rest of the program.

Squats: 185 to 50 (Sets of 15/15/16/4)
- I was already feeling sapped after the complex’s, so I knew this would be rough today. Didn’t do as good as last time, but still pleased with my performance on a pretty rough day, and a huge step up from day 1 of the 185 to 50..

Looking forward to my rest days, and getting back to sensible eating.

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Jason V.
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12-09-19 11:55 AM - Post#891193    

I enjoyed reading through this because I'm just starting the program myself so these posts are giving me a good idea of what to expect moving forward.
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12-11-19 06:31 PM - Post#891303    

Thanks for taking the time to check my log out. Hopefully you gained some value from it.

Training Day 12

Bench Press: 185 x 2 x 5
- Todays doubles felt a bit tougher than the last time we did doubles at 175 (duh?), but I still felt pretty good.

Batwings: 55 x 10s x 5
- Performed slightly better than last time id say, still didn't get great retraction on the last hold.

One Armed Press: 50 x 2-3-5 x 3
- Felt alright today. Was challenging to get all the reps, but I was never in doubt that I'd make any of them.

Bird Dogs.

Complex: 100lbs
- Performed pretty well today, struggled with some of the presses, but still made all of them without using any momentum.

Squats: 135 to 50. (Ended up doing 53..)
- Got all 50 in one set. Took me 5 minutes, last time we did the 135 to 50, it took me more than 7. Did stop to take a few breathers. Overall, squats felt great today, and hip pinching feeling was even less than it has been.

On to the last week. Here goes!
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12-13-19 01:55 PM - Post#891387    

Strangely, I’m noticing soreness in my calves after the last workout. I don’t really feel any way about this, just an interesting observation, as I haven't been sore specifically
in my calves any other time during the program.

I’ve slacked on recharge days for much of the program now. Going to try and get these last two recharge days in though. Today I’ll do some calisthenics and stretching at least. In the last week, I have also been looser with my diet.. I’m actually okay with it, as it’s part of why I planned the program around the holidays.
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12-14-19 02:48 PM - Post#891403    

Training Day 13

Feeling pretty bummed, first day I didn't get all the reps... for some reason when I loaded 185 on the squats, it just wasn't feeling good today. Only did 4 out of 10, and next workout is supposed to be to 50..... I also broke up the 135 to 50, this was probably mostly mental defeat.. Granted, this is my worst performance yet, so I feel the last workout will be better than today.

Bench Press: 185 x 3 x 5
- Made all the reps, were some tough reps, but never felt like I was gonna miss. Rested about a minute between each one.

Batwings: 55 x 10s x 5
- Feeling better each workout with this weight, but don't feel like I own it yet.

One Armed Press: 50 x 2-3-5 x 3
- Got all the reps. Did the 2-3 back to back, then rested minute, did 5, then rested a minute and began the next "set".

Bird Dogs.

Complex: 100 lbs for each set of 2.
- I forgot the Front Squats the first set. On the last set I had to push press one of the presses.

Squats: As I stated above, these were rough today.
45 x 5
135 x 5
135 x 3
185 x 4 (Was supposed to do 10..)
135 to 50: Sets of 21/20/9

Rough day.. Gonna try and get some good rest, good nutrition, and make the last day the best day of the program.
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12-15-19 08:20 AM - Post#891414    

After yesterday, I am now ready to be done with the program. Up until then, I was pretty much loving the training, and didn’t mind the eating too much.. Now, I am “sick” of both, hahaha!

One more training sesh, I’m gonna conquer it, take a week of rest, and get back to my own “park bench” style training.
Will Linn
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12-16-19 04:33 PM - Post#891454    

Good work sticking to it! Nearly there now. Your log is making me think about giving it a second go in Jan...we shall see!

Give those final squats hell!
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Boogies MMS Log
12-17-19 06:33 AM - Post#891476    

Yeah, I pretty much already plan on giving it another go sometime down the line, maybe in a year or something.

Well I seem to have been coming down with a cold, and this morning I’m feeling pretty rough. Not sure if I’ll do today’s workout or not yet, will see how I’m feeling later. If not, maybe I can take an extra rest day and I’ll be good tomorrow. It would be a shame if I don’t do the last workout of the damn program.

I’m thinking this may explain my lackluster performance on the last workout, and also why I’ve just been feeling very tired for the last few days.

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Boogies MMS Log
12-17-19 05:23 PM - Post#891500    

Well, I said screw it and went in and did my best.

Training Day 14:

I didn't do the preworkout protein shake today, but I did have a small snack with about 10g protein an hour before training.

Bench: 185 x 2-3-5, 2-3-3
- Well I didn't get the last set of 5, but I'm still pretty damn happy with my bench progress. Usually, I'd have rested and did a double to "get" the reps... But my mind was on the squats today, especially after feeling like a chump the last time I squatted.

Batwings: 55 x 10s x 5
- Felt a little weaker in these today, but its alright. I felt a good stretch in my chest once I finished these up, so maybe I was doing better than I think.

One Armed Press: 50 x 2-3-5 x 2
- Didn't feel as strong in these either, so I was glad the volume was low today.

Bird Dogs.

Complex: 95 lbs x 2 x 3
- Felt pretty good today. Went a little lighter as suggested.

Squats: Warm up sets then: 185 x 25/12/13
- Felt pretty good today... Was hoping to get 30 at least in the first set, but after a couple rough days with the squats, I am pretty proud of my performance, and I can honestly say today the squats just "felt better" than they have in several weeks.

Since I'm getting more comfortable squatting, today I had an observation... I think my upper boy gets more tired from having the bar on my back then my legs do from doing the squatting! Judging by some comments I've seen from Mr. John, I'll assume that me be "by design" of Mass Made Simple.

Reviewing videos of my last few sessions, I realized my worst squat day I was barefoot.. I usually wear flat moccasin slippers, I wouldn't think it made a difference, but hey, maybe theyre my good luck shoes now! I wore them today and felt pretty damn good.

I'll make a consolidated post about how I feel about the program overall in the near future.

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