Your Body Revival

Weight Loss Straight Talk
by Dave Draper

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Table of Contents

1. Your Body Revival: Weight Loss Straight Talk
2. Something’s Happening Here: Obesity Statistics & Trends
3. Who are You & Where are You Going? Goals & Possibilities
4. The Key... Start Moving: Exercise Now
5. Computer Update: Things of the Mind, Emotions
6. The Food We Eat: Carbs, Protein, Fat, Calories & Calculations
7. Food Factoring: Keeping Track of Yourself & the Food You Eat
8. Yo-yos & Fad Diets: Hurt, Damage & Destroy
9. Boring Menus: Standard Balanced Menu
10. Jump Higher, Move Faster: Why?... Reinforced
11. Measuring Your Progress: Points of Reference
12. The Bane of Women: Menopause & Weight Gain
13. Facts & Fiction: Helpful Knowledge & Understanding
14. Special Reports: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer & the Fast-Food Industry
I5. Hormones Everywhere: The Governing System
16. Summarizing My Nutritional Plan: Getting the Ducks in Order
17. Exercise Straight Talk: Welcome to Revitalizing Exercise
18. Aerobics, Fat Loss & Muscle: Sufficient vs. Excessive
19. Getting Started: Early Stages of Home & Gym Training
20. Exercise X-rays: Descriptions of Exercises
21. The Weights: Training Routines -- Introductory & Comprehensive
22. The Final Chapter: In Closing
Glossary: Weight Training Lingo
Resource Appendix

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