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Chris M writes:
"You blend plain-spoken wisdom, motivational fire and wry humor into a weekly email jolt that leaves me itching to hit the gym. Whether I'm looking for workout routines, diet tips or a friendly kick in the butt, the Bomber comes through every time." ... Read more...

Newsletter Testimonials

"Draper has become bodybuilding's prose-poet laureate, weilding the pen as mightily as he once did the barbell."
Jeff O'Connell, Muscle & Fitness magazine, November 2004

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Karen O:
You cut through the hype, myth and misinformation and give me the much-needed bottom line. Nutrition, exercise, motivation -- all from a guy who's been there -- gets sent to me right when I need it in weekly increments. Truth be told, I've gotten more from your newsletters than any book!"

John H:
It was inspiring to read your thoughts about virtues that are hard to find in our fellow man. I don't know how you do it, but you have a gift when it comes to writing. Please keep up the effort because it very inspiring and it transcends the inspiration to work out harder: it gives greater focus on life. I always get something from the newsletter and look forward to its arrival.

Guy M:
There are folks with big white toothy smiles that love to get their mug plastered into your consciousness. They yell, bounce, flex and laugh to convince you of their superiority, while off to stage left is the product they hock as the ANSWER. Meanwhile there are good people who knowing the real deal -- because they've "been there, done that" -- quietly and with humility explain the raw truth. Breaking it down to principles that go beyond a healthy body and pull in the mind and spirit. You're an example of the latter.

Your newsletter is obviously written by a real bodybuilder for the real bodybuilding community. No product hype, no ridiculous claims, no spam, just solid information from years of practical experience. You're a great source of bodybuilding inspiration and motivation and really keep my workouts moving forward.

Steve H:
Your newsletter is unlike anything else out there. It is sincerely personal and at the same time it is packed with information and inspiration. And it carries the weight and credibility of having been written by one of the great legends of bodybuilding.

Billy F:
Dave Draper is the Real Deal for Real People.

What I notice in you newsletters is that you speak to ME - the individual. More often than not, I feel like you're talking to me, personally. You write from a very large space where no one is excluded. I admire that.

I've been a happy subscriber to your newsletter for over a year & now my girlfriend is also getting motivated in no small part because of your informative & motivational writings. I want to say thanks & that you are greatly appreciated by many people. Because of your writings I have been able to re-motivate myself. I have been able to gain my hunger as well as increase my training & my focus.

Karen M:
Your newsletter is something I look forward to each week. It seems to always have a little something that makes me think you're clairvoyant or read my mail! You can inspire the most devout couch potato into buying a weight set and eating tuna straight out of the can. And you can inspire the most awesome gym rat into training smarter, nurturing the creative spirit and enjoying life.

Thomas K:

I have often felt you're reading my mind. So many of the things I feel while I am in the gym you write about, movingly.

It always amazes me how someone who has been to the top of the world of bodybuilding can relate to the people who are struggling just to attain physical wellness. I have struggled with my personal battle with injuries and weight loss. Time after time I'll be reading your weekly and something you write hits me right where I live. I can't believe that you ever had the same obstacles to overcome that I do but talk about an epiphany, I know that a light bulb comes on over my head due to your direction or encouragement and somehow I don't feel alone in my endeavor. Motivation in itself to me seems disingenuous coming from some people, but your letters have a caring tone that hits me in my own being.

The thing that kept me going the most was a comment, "dedication, perseverance, and commitment is the road to success." Every time I get depressed looking at my waistline in the mirror or think of skipping a workout I tell myself these things. You wrote about about staying motivated and hanging in there and the results will come. No shortcuts, no fad diets and hard training. When I feel like throwing in the towel, I just tell myself to hang in there and keep going and after time I will have the body I want. It's been in all your writings.

This never fails to illustrate what you are to me: the best motivational fitness writer that has ever been my privilege to read. You personally invite me into your mind each and every week and I come away feeling like I can accomplish anything in the gym.

Your newsletter is the best I've read. I live in Albania (Europe) and in my country bodybuilding and fitness are still unknown areas. I look forward to your weekly column and I think I'll never find the right words to thank you for your support. You didn't just show me how to train but you also opened my mind and made me think differently. Thanks a lot, Dave; it's an honor and privilege to receive your newsletter.

Jason K:
No hype.
No marketing.
No gimmicks.
No outlandish promises.
No nonsense.
Just hard work, motivation, and honesty.
And that'll get you anywhere you want to go.

The basic principles of bodybuilding and fitness are not complicated. What makes your newsletter different is not only do you write about the how of bodybuilding and fitness, but infinitely more importantly, there is the why. The sage Draper causes me to question my own reality. Knowing a fat from a carb is great, but knowing WHY I feel driven is markedly more important. The goal of self-improvement is never reached with a How? it is only reached with a Why? Draper taught me this.

If exercise and healthy living were a religion, Dave would be like the Dalai Lama.... a true believer, a teacher, a guide, an inspiration.

No mere musclehead, nor money grubbing profiteer...Dave Draper's wit, intelligence and humanity shine through in his writings about the sport he loves. Bodybuilding today (like everything else) has become excessive and saturated with pseudo-science. Dave coaxes his reader to return to the visceral essence of bodybuilding.

"The secret is...there is no secret. Train hard and confidently, eat well, persist and you will eventually be rewarded. Do this because it's the right thing to do."

Wise words from a man who "has seen the elephant."

Dave L:
No hype, no promises; just great motivational comments and suggestions.

Ron Grimes:
You're sort of like the Zen master of bodybuilding. It's like each newsletter says to me, "All that thinking and analyzing you've been doing, that's nice. Now stop thinking so much and just be present, fully engaged in the lifting. Just be one with the iron and steel, following your own intuition and listening to your own body. That's the secret!" So, you see, your newsletters are weekly reminders of what it's all about. It's a return to the heart of bodybuilding.

Tom C:
Your provides guidance, inspiration and humor; you have the ability to show how muscle building and proper diet can enhance all phases of life at any age level. I often review your newsletter archive - it is a tremendous database.

Steve K:
Your newsletter is always a welcome addition to the Inbox. I save all of them and reread them occasionally. Almost without fail, I find myself snipping little bits of them and passing a paragraph on to my daughter or a friend.

Tom S:
For the novice, intermediate or experienced weight trainer, your newsletter is tremendous. Simple, Informative, Concise, Patient, Humorous and Motivating are just a few words that I would use to describe it. Your subjects and writing style have inspired me to begin training again after an extended layoff. To me it is obvious that for you it's more than just a is a labor of love."

Mark K:
Your writing ability -- to tell others and to teach -- is beyond outstanding. Whenever I'm not into doing a workout, I look at the newsletters I printed out hanging on my wall... and the clanging and banging begins.

Jim N:
You have great writing talent; you have understanding of the vast majority of us who, unfortunately, have, for the most part, been "wanna be's" and the push we constantly need...Thanks for your weekly doses of inspiration and sincere reminiscing that touches the heart.

Jim B:

I have been involved in strength and fitness training for over 40 years. When it comes to ranking fitness newsletters, your "IronOnline Newsletter" is at the top of the list. You always finds a way to speak to the individual and have always been an inspiration with your wit and honesty. I'm left with a good feeling all day!

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