Draper Full-Body Strength Workout


10 minutes of intense cardio
Crunches, Leg Raises, Rope Tuck, Hyperextensions

Always do warm-up sets first x15 reps


Squats (5x6)

Chins (4xMax)

Bentover Rows (4x8)


Bench Press (5x5)

Cleans & Presses (4x6)

Extended torso work: weighted hyperextensions, Roman Chair abdominals, hanging leg raises, rope tucks


Deadlifts (5x5)

Barbell Curls (4x6)

Dips (4xMax)

Grip & Forearm Work Bar Hangs (3xMax)

Wrist Curls (3x15-20)
supersetted with
Reverse Wrist Curls (3xMax)

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