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Display Name Post: Easy Strength-Is Pavel talking about kip ups from the ground?        (Topic#37885)
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01-14-22 11:46 AM - Post#916113    

Hi DJ, anybody-

I've had "Easy Strength" for years and love it!

When Pavel is talking about a type of hip snapping movement, it's sounds like what we call in the martial arts world a "kip or kip up." I have the book at home and will look tonight to see what page it is in "Easy Strength" that I'm referring to.

He also mentions a manual weighted movement on the same page that almost looks like a makeshift weighted hip thrust/glute bridge ala Bret Contreras. Pretty cool.

It's in the section where Pavel is talking about improving hip strength, explosion, etc. Talks about shaking your joints out, springy legs, butt kickers, etc.

This is a kip up:


Many wrestlers, including WWE wrestlers, martial artists, actors/dancers seem to love doing them and quite easily.

I can do them as well and they're fun to practice every once in a while. They seem to require great hip snap like a kb swing honestly but more explosively and more total body.

Most people can't do them from my experience unless they're very athletic. They tend to dismiss them but to me it's a great display of relative strength and body control. It's also a lot more impressive in my humble opinion watching somebody 6'2/200lbs like me or even a 'rassler (6'5/275lbs) do them vs. the small 5'7/140lbs gymnast types.

1. Is Pavel reffering to a kip up?

2. How many of you do them every once in a while for fun with the kids at home or in a mma class, etc.?

3. Are they legit or just a "parlor trick" whatever that means. Everything exercise wise might just be a "parlor trick" then lol. )

I shouldn't have to mention either from a practical standpoint, no that is not how one actually gets up from the ground in a streetfight/attack/ambush . There's a tactical way of standing up that I do that's very different and much easier. It is good for showing off in the movies for entertainment but just seems like you'd have to be pretty strong/explosive and agile to pull it off.

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01-14-22 12:04 PM - Post#916115    

I don’t have the book anywhere close to me, but that sounds exactly like a KB swing/snatch/clean or a barbell equivalent.
"I think we often spend too much time focusing on max fitness
and not nearly enough on maintaining our minimums.
It seems we need to think sustainable rather than obtainable.
Meaning whatever we do today, we can do it again tomorrow.
Never taking so much from ourselves that we can't."

Dan Martin

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01-14-22 12:22 PM - Post#916118    


It does (hip hinge/thrust movement) but it's not.

It's a move he's talking about "bridging up explosively from the ground."

There's no equipment, it's bodyweight.
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01-14-22 08:55 PM - Post#916124    

Page 200
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02-01-22 10:52 AM - Post#916669    

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02-25-22 12:39 PM - Post#917448    

Ipood-I reread what you said. My apologies.

You were saying that the bw kip ups are similar movements as snatch/swing/deadlift (hip hinge), etc. excluding the barbell.

I understand sir and I agree.

They're impressive when people do them but especially larger guys.
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