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03-23-21 04:01 PM - Post#909039    

Hey everybody,

I've been working on this program of complexes and I think it's got potential.

Let me know what you think if you give it a try.

Warm-up (1 or more rounds, no more than 3 rounds):
-Goblet squats with prying
-Batwing rows with isometric top hold-and-squeezes
-Band lateral walks for glutes
-Other stuff optional (pull-up hangs, etc), lifts with a stretch component like Romanian deadlifts with a bottom hold work well, but try not to get too bogged down in the warm-up.

Complex 1:
-Double kettlebell clean (start with one rep, then add one additional rep each round*)
-Double kettlebell press x 1 (go heavy for you but manageable for multiple rounds, I'm using 28kg 'bells)
-Double kettlebell rack carry
-Rest or active rest to recharge your press (glute bridges, hip thrusts, or band walks would be a good option)

*Example: Round 1, clean x 1, press x 1, rack carry, rest/active rest. Round 2, clean x 2, press x 1, rack carry, rest/active rest. Round 3, clean x 3, press x 1, rack carry, rest/active rest...etc.

Perform the first complex until you're pretty sure you can't grind out another press, then move onto complex 2, non-dominant side first:

-One-handed kettlebell swing x 5-10
-Single kettlebell rack carry
-One-handed kettlebell front squat x 3-5
-Single kettlebell press x 5 or AMRAP
-Repeat with same reps on dominant side before rest, active rest, or calling it a day

(It should be pretty clear but you'll need a lighter 'bell for complex 2.)

Notes and observations:

Complex 1 is actually pretty good in a grease the groove type role (in which case you should probably stay with a single clean only, or maybe try doubles). It is based on the idea of maximizing tension across multiple movements, kind of intended to do for the shoulders and delts what the Armor Building Complex does for the inner tube.

Complex 2 is good as a finisher for this or other workouts. If you are planning on doing multiple rounds the 5,3,5 rep scheme is the best bet, but if you're going for one round and done, try the 10,5,AMRAP variation.

Optionally, for another separate training session to alternate with the above:

-2,3,5... double KB presses
-Glute activation and hypertrophy movements (band walks, thrusts, bridges, clamshells, etc)
-Deltoid hypertrophy single-joint movements of choice such as front raises, lateral raises, rear delt raises, T-Y-Is, etc (optional)

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High-tension KB complex program
03-24-21 12:01 PM - Post#909065    

Good job making up your own program. You're going to put some kettlebell "gurus" out of business.

My only critique as someone who has done a TON of complexes and chains.

Holding the bell in the rack and doing loaded carries and then squats in complex 2 is going to blow out your press. Those 2 movements really fatigue the rear deltoid and you're going to have to go so light to complete the press, then switch hands, that you're not going to get the best return out of the carry and squat.

I have always found single bell complexes harder than doubles due to the time under tension due to switching sides.

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