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  • Justin Jordan Said:

I know, this was more about what I wish was included in the program.

I generally find Dan's stuff to be useful, but squishy instructions without context like 'rest some' or 'easy' are the sort of thing that makes me sigh.

It's the difference between 'run easy' and 'run at or below your MAF number (and here's how to figure that out)'

That’s the fun part!

When I first gave ES a try, it felt extremely awkward… until, and I’m paraphrasing Dan here, I quit fighting the damn thing.

Maybe Easy Strength is a misnomer, because we all tend to associate strength training with a regimented activity.

The more I think about it, the more I like the term Playful Strength, which evokes a much more relaxed, laid back and fun situation.

It took me a looong time to switch from a training mindset (bus bench) to an exploring one (park bench).

It’s been a few years since a switched to a Maffetonesque approach to running. And it works!

But, guess what, it works even better when you ditch the damn heart rate monitor and simply breathe through your nose and keep things really easy by just doing a simple talk test.

Starting Strength has a powerful allure. Being told exactly what to do, how to do it and what to expect is comforting.

Exploring strength, however, requires more of you, but is WAY more fun.

If you ever watched a video of Tim Anderson or Danielle Almeyda, then you know what that sensation looks like.

"I think we often spend too much time focusing on max fitness
and not nearly enough on maintaining our minimums.
It seems we need to think sustainable rather than obtainable.
Meaning whatever we do today, we can do it again tomorrow.
Never taking so much from ourselves that we can't."

Dan Martin
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