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I ran variations of ES for just about a year in 2018. I found you could make progress indefinitely, but it reaches a point of diminishing marginal returns where the little aches start increasing faster than the weights.

Squats were slightly different. As Dan's often noted, it just doesn't work for squats the way it works for deadlifts. But. I could still increase my "easy" back squat at a rate that worked out to about 5lbs a week, and I did so for a very long time. I only stopped because of a weird pain in my T-spine that needed some rest.

Now, I believe the best strategy is the one Kyle Aaron outlined in this stickied post:

  • Kyle Aaron Said:

If you continue with ES then you do this,
  • retest your "sorta max" in those 3-5 lifts
  • you'll find 1-2 went up a lot, 1-2 a bit, and 1-2 stayed the same. Careful examination of the logs usually shows the one that didn't improve, the person spent all their time at 60%, or all their time at 80%.
  • whichever improved the most, and whichever the least, swap out for "same but different", eg back squats swap for front squats, cleans for snatches, etc.

  • So, swap to a same-but-different movement, start LIGHT again, and repeat for another 6-8 weeks.
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