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The key, with my work, is realizing I am addressing specific things. Rarely do I give blanket information.

Two days a week? Try this?
Weak? Try this.

And, of course, the feedback to programs is golden. I don't always get that but when I do I take it very seriously.

It's like the chia seed suggestion: what percent of people are going to do that...honestly. Yes, they are "better," but...let's see what people actually do.

The biggest changes in my career have been the belief that everyone should O lift. That was foundational.

Now, I laugh when I read that...
Daniel John
Just handing down what I was handed down...

Make a Difference.
Live. Love. Laugh.
Balance work, rest, play and pray (enjoy beauty and solitude)
Sleep soundly. Drink Water. Eat veggies and protein. Walk.
Wear your seat belt. Don’t smoke. Floss your teeth.
Put weights overhead. Pick weights off the floor. Carry weights.
Reread great books. Say thank you
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