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One of the things about walking more is seeing parts of your neighbourhood you wouldn't otherwise. Trees and houses and little shops you never knew about, and of course meeting strangers, who always smile at children, at least the mature adults who aren't magnetically attached to their phones. Nobody smiles and says hello from their car.

Today we walked from our home to my son's school 3.5km away, and from there along the railway trail to a station 5km further on. Outside the train station they'd put a piano with an invitation for anyone to play. A couple of young women sat to play for a bit before their train, and they played well. Then my daughter had a go.

Going for long walks gives you moments of unexpected beauty. Long walks are good for your heart in more than just one way.

For a while I've been telling gym members they need to do 10,000 steps a day. Interestingly, they seem more likely to do it if I put it down in their programmes, compared to if I just say it. I suppose I'll have to give new members a handout. "Eat breakfast. Go for a walk." Etc.

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