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A 01-05-19 11:15 PM - Post#876075    

I may have discovered the Soviet secrets here guys...

This is my first week of the 40 day program. I’m doing the “for dummies” version of “3 sets of 3. Add weight”.

What I’m doing different this time is greatly overestimating my “2nd or 3rd set” weights. Or so I thought.

So I’ve done a cycle of greyskull, then madcow, which morphed into my own custom heavy/light/medium setup.

I ended up with my heavy day being 2x5 at 225 for the squat.
I had to get pretty amped up for that, and I was wiped out for most of the next week.

I just completed my fourth workout this week. 3@135,3@185,3@225. This is more reps at that weight than I did in my HLM program, yet I feel I honestly could do it again tonight, much less tomorrow.

I.e. If I do that weight 5 times per week, that’s 15 reps compared to just 10 on my HLM program.

Also excellent results on my struggling bench. I did 3 at 155 today and thought it was too easy. Previous best was 2x5 at 155.

Good stuff Dan. Although I’m afraid that if the first week is going this good, I’ll probably need to stop it next week. :grimace:

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