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  • jp92 Said:
From your workout journal, you have recently started online coaching for your snatch technique...just stick with that until you are satisfied with your technique.

Thanks, good advice. When life gets stressful, my mind starts to wander.

Just as an aside, starting the online coaching is the best thing I could have done for my lifting. I use a camcorder to record my lifts (also squats) and the amount you can learn is amazing. My coach is trying to keep things simple and we work on just one or two things at a time. I've also learned a few things about my body, e.g., I've got long femurs.

  • jp92 Said:
The key to Mr Kono's program is to also strengthen your mind as you strengthen your body and refine your technique. He is the only Olympic weightlifter in history to set world records in four separate weight classes. His program is not just a series of sets and reps...but training both mind and body. If you haven't read Mr Kono's second book Championship Weightlifting then now is the time...if you have previously read it, then now is the time to re-read.

Thanks, I've got both of his books. I'll re-read them.

Sorry for the derail of this fantastic thread!
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