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  • BrianBinVA Said:
  • Warren D Said:
I like everything listed, but would not be comfortable taking blocks of pure BB work as my technique always needs work.

Warren, have you tried? You might be surprised how little technique you lose, and how much your body liked the layoff. . .

I've spent extended periods without access to a platform since September, and I used the time to get in a lot more accessory work. When I did get platform time, it wasn't great for a while. But I've not run any of TK's plans because I don't program for myself. Three days per week are laid out by my coach, and the rest is a more bodybuilding and kettlebell work. A year or two back I would spend my off days squatting more and more, but right now leg strength is not limiting me.

I've found that I get a lot out of frequency. Doesn't have to be super heavy or volume or both (although these happen at times) but the closer to daily I get the better I operate. This has been true of squatting, pullups, pressing and every other exercise I've applied myself to.

Great thread so far, and really liked Miles' opener. I've recently started a weightlifting club and everyone is a late 20s to early 40s desk jockey. A couple of them asked me what they can do for their mobility. I'll be teaching the TGU this Saturday - a nice catch-all and starting point.
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