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02-11-21 07:45 PM - Post#907695    

  • Conor78 Said:
Not sure your height weight etc but 520 in 30 is some going.
Check this out. Will give you some ideas

Thanks Conor.

I am 6 ft 191 lbs.

As mentioned previously, my preferred cardio training is incline treadmill walking. I like to do 30 minutes steady state. I do this after resistance training.

When I push it, on the treadmill, I can get in the range of 600 calories in 30 minutes. I use this calculator: Ts

Pushing it on a treadmill is simpler to accomplish for me because the machine creates enforced pacing. On days I want to go hard on the Airdyne, it is natural for me to ease off a bit, when the going gets rugged. On the treadmill, the machine goes whether I feel like it or not.

I suspect the Airdyne feels easier for me because the effort is distributed via arms and legs as opposed to just legs. And I am just not working as hard.

I have not done the treadmill now for a year, owing to the pandemic. Maybe I will just have to get a treadmill for home.

In any event, again, thank you for your input.

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong

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