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Mark Fenner
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05-13-22 09:25 AM - Post#919474    

I know several folks here like GMB quite a bit (myself included). I get their emails and they had a reading list: DEG6DDVFTX0B

Lots of great stuff on there (some old favorites, some new to me). But, our very own Dan John (& Pavel), are on the list with Easy Strength.

From a high-level, I really like the range of topics: some more mental/habit/focus oriented, some strength, lots of recovery/mobility/etc.

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05-13-22 11:40 AM - Post#919479    

Solid list.

I’d choose Intervention over Easy Strength, though.
"I think we often spend too much time focusing on max fitness
and not nearly enough on maintaining our minimums.
It seems we need to think sustainable rather than obtainable.
Meaning whatever we do today, we can do it again tomorrow.
Never taking so much from ourselves that we can't."

Dan Martin

Dan John
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05-13-22 05:01 PM - Post#919483    

I would too!
Daniel John
Just handing down what I was handed down...

Make a Difference.
Live. Love. Laugh.
Balance work, rest, play and pray (enjoy beauty and solitude)
Sleep soundly. Drink Water. Eat veggies and protein. Walk.
Wear your seat belt. Don’t smoke. Floss your teeth.
Put weights overhead. Pick weights off the floor. Carry weights.
Reread great books. Say thank you

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