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  • Rupert J. Nebblesworth III Said:
It is essentially impossible for spinal disks to heal: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC66962 92/

disc degeneration and herniation are not the same thing, so this article doesn't really apply for this topic.

I think it is worth reading up on what a disc herniation actually is and getting an official diagnosis. A herniation causes the disc to bulge, which puts it in a position where it can be pinched between your vertebrae. It does not bulge uniformly in most cases, it sticks out either forward, backward, right, or left (or some combination). This means you may find certain movements painful whereas others may be totally fine. Creating more space by decompressing your spine is often the first thing to do (yoga, PT, or just good ol hanging can help you with this; ***please make sure the person you are working with understands the nature of your injury***).

Once you have reduced the amount of pressure on the disc, learning to properly axially load your spine (meaning bear weight) and brace against it ***WITH AN APPROPRIATE LOAD*** will help prevent the pinching that causes discomfort. This may not be a linear process and may take you awhile to figure out exactly the best way to do this. a qualified PT who understands exercise can probably help you with this. At the end of the day, your spine is (among other things) a series of bones. Bones go where muscles direct them. You may not be able to completely "undo" the herniation, but you may be able to severely mitigate it bothering you.
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