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My first coach Jon McCaul gave us Press, back neck press, upright row, bent over row, curl, reverse curl, standing triceps curl,

but mainly work press, bent over row (this was 1970 and pressing was so important)

he had never squatted in his life, and did not recommend deads we were all skinny 16 year olds.

we did however do lots of split cleans

I of course stayed on that until I read my first Iron Man & Strength and Health a few months later. A training partner Ian Childs stayed on it for a year, and won the nationals at 21. Ian was a very ordinary kid athletically when young, good speed but very average everywhere else.

Since then I have always moved people young and old slowly into specialisation

why did I not stick longer, well I thought John was behind the times, sure he had snatched within 10kg of a world record but that was ancient history, it was 20 years ago, today I marvel at anyone ever getting near a wr, .. ahh the arrogance and ignorance of youth, ...what is it they say, ..youth is wasted on the young ??
"We all overtrain" Pat Casey to George Frenn
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