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A 08-06-22 09:17 AM - Post#920964    

Bodyweight 167

BP: 2-3-5x3 @ 195
Bat wing: 24kg in one hand, 16kg in the other, 3 sets with each combo
Press: 2-3-5x3@24kg KB per hand
Bird dog: 3x6 reps, slow
Complex: 65#, 3 rounds of 5@each
Squat: 95x30, 115x30, 135x30


I had no idea how to calibrate the complex; for background, my overhead press has always been my weakest lift, so I decided to go pretty light. I also didn't realize at this point that the complexes are meant to be HARD, so I dogged it a bit.

In the past I've never been able to get a set of 5 presses beyond 120, even when benching in the mid 200s. Lack of overhead flexibility from the old paddling days. THAT SAID... I started playing the violin a year ago, and in late May decided that I was sick of how hard tight shoulders were making it to play well. I've been going HARD on shoulder flexibility for the last month and my shoulder blades can finally slot together. Spoiler alert, this makes a huge difference on presses.

I didn't go too turbo on bench press.

I was calibrated better on the squats from the past month, and decided that I would go a level UP and get the full 30 reps at 135.

These are full depth squats, in flat shoes. I have and love lifting shoes, but have been squatting without them at these high rep sets to make it harder on myself. I get the sense that this would be a bad idea if I were going for a 1 rep max, but I don't feel any stress on my feet, and my flexibility is good enough that I can hang at full depth for a long time.


Obviously this is the hard part! I basically ate constantly for the next three days. PBJ, chicken, veggies, cottage cheese, yogurt, berries, fresh fruit (not much of this), and six eggs and toast each AM. I'll add more detail here when I catch up on these posts.

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