Shout box
<pink.pixie> No more newsletters! Thanks for your wisdom, Dave during all these years- now gone. We are on our own, I guess.Take care & have fun.
<Jon Howell> Ditto. I can't thank you enough for all of your effort in writing newsletters and posts over the years. Enough wisdom for several lifetimes in that collection. I wish you all the best!
<William2> Blessed thanksgiving to all Americans
<Wicked Willie> Thank you. We have so much to be thankful for.
<Diablo> Gobble gobble!
<Silverback61> No gobble for us, we had Brisket !!
<Diablo> mooooo!
<Silverback61> "EAT MOR CHIKIN" (Wink)
<Diablo> Looking for bar and weights if you're anywhere near central california
<pink.pixie> Merry Christmas to everybody.
<Silverback61> And Happy Festivus!
<The Judge> Merry Christmas!
<Gunvald> Merry Christmas you guys and girls
<Diablo> Merry Christmas!
<pink.pixie> Soon the new year 2020 rolls in, a next decade knocks on the door. I wish you all strength-both physical and mental, joy and good health combined with patience and ability to discern. Love to all. May the Spirit guide you on your way.
<AussieMerv> Happy and Healthy New Year to all my IOL friends.
<Gunvald> Happy New Year! 2020 here we come!
<Diablo> Merry Year of Perfect Vision!
<Diablo> 01202020
<AussieMerv> 20012020