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Stiff arm and bent arm pullovers

Can you explain the difference between stiff arm and bent arm pullovers, please? Also, what is your favorite biceps exercise?

Stiff arm pullovers can be done with a single dumbbell, grasping the inside plate with the hands flat and spread or with a bent bar, most commonly the close grip. These were long-time standard in my workouts; lats primarily. Because of the extended arm position acting as a lever and subsequent huge load on the shoulders, elbows and related insertions, a truly heavy weight cannot be used.

The bentarm pullover, because it is done with the arms bent, cannot be performed feasibly with a dumbbell. Got something to do with the skull and nose. Thus, the bar.

Barbell curls are the all-time best biceps builders. Sometimes it’s fun to superset them with dips when you feel like hitting arms only for the sheer joy of it. Try 10 sets of 10 without pausing. Cyclopean upper body pump, man. Gotta love it.

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