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Your competition and lifestyle diet

Could you describe your lifestyle and your bodybuilding competition diet, please?

Here I shine as brightly as a tarnished relic might.

I followed the high-protein, medium-carb, medium-fat, no-fad bodybuilding diet. I ingested quantities of lean red meat, followed by fish and poultry and backed sufficiently by milk products and eggs.

Fortify the menu with lots of fresh vegetables and enough fruit for all the good reasons — carbs, vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes and roughage. Add grains and nuts for some fun and nutritional needs, and avoid sugar and salt and weird chemicals.

The eating could be divided into six agreeable meals throughout the day, as needed. Lots of water and probably too many supplements fill in the spaces.

This was my year-round eating scheme for 40 or 50 years. As I got older, outside of pre-competition days, my diet got tighter and more in-tune than ever, thanks to habit, preference and the fact that it works, sprinkled with discipline and fear.

Pre-contest would have had me tuning up the training and food choices and quantities over the last weeks. For example: The milk would go first, then fish took a primary position over the red meat, and the carbs would completely leave the table.