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Young son just getting started

My oldest son has joined the iron game. His freshman year of football has passed and now he’s training regularly at a local club. He wanted me to ask you what to concentrate on during the off season, sets, reps, good exercises to increase his bench and squats. This kid wants to be in the 700 Club (bench/squat/incline).

His smartest and most beneficial training approach for overall strength and performance and long-term training interest is to choose a good routine with moderate weight, hitting each body part two times a week with two or three exercises for four sets (sometimes three) and the reps ranging the pyramid of 12, 10, 8, 6.

Stay with the basics and go for some power sets/reps every three weeks. Don’t be brutal on the bench press or the shoulders will surely pay. Stick with the squats and throw in deadlifts once a week for body power and muscle thickness.

In other words, the basics for total musclebuilding will assure a ready and healthy skeletal/muscular structure for all seasons and reasons.

Remember: Train hard, eat right and be confident.