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Did you always love training?

Through all your years of training, did you always love the deed?

Not once have I not loved the idea of weightlifting.

The practice itself holds other experiences. The early attempts to move the iron are novel and exciting, curious and mysterious and inventive. Continued applications of force against steel yields rewards that multiply and are most desirable. Don’t you love the pump, muscular growth and regular increases in strength, the designing of workouts, their smooth execution and the last engaging rep?

Obstacles and plateaus be leveled by cannons; they test the body, mind and soul. Enduring them lifts us to new levels of completeness, physical, mental and spiritual. Who among us doesn’t appreciate endurance and its plentiful fruits?

Appreciation borders on love.

Beyond the early days of play, struggle and the horizon of plateaus, we one day, sooner or later, come to the tantalizing engagement of muscle and might, the tuneful rhythm of exercise and pace, the slow release of doubt and fear and the gratefulness for one’s time and place amid the steel.

As if these delights were not enough, there are more: the comfort of expression and freedom and the understanding born of discipline and purpose, compromise and patience, no matter the abundance or scarcity indwelling your bones. These joys are difficult to distinguish from love.