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Common time wastes in the gym

Of all the years you’ve spent in gyms, what are the most common ways you see people wasting their time there?

Too many people spend their valuable gym time going through the motions as if that was enough. They stand apart from exercise like it was a thing and not the wonderful movement of the body.

They touch exercise, poke at it and nudge it with a stick from a safe and comfortable distance. Fine. Reservation at first is understandable — caution, unknowing, fear — but this must be replaced by courage and active control in spite of one’s personality if one is to aspire.

Training is an aggressive act toward physical and personal peace. Thoughtful intensity should be applied to gain the attention of the body and mind, and thus realize physical and internal fulfillment.

What I’m saying is, let’s get to work if we seriously want to get the job done.

Eliminate distraction: less talking, reading and TV, less daydreaming, yawning and moaning on the gym floor. Keep your eye on the goal, your focus on the exercise and your hopes high.

Take charge and, as it is wise, push hard during your committed training time. It’s much more fun and productive.