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Weight question about the Top Squat

I want to know where the majority of weight is placed when using the Top Squat. Is it placed on the back of the neck or shoulders or back or where?

The weight is distributed evenly throughout the bar across the shoulders or as low on the back as one chooses. The user determines the position.

The great feature is the extended handles that allow comfortable grasping for total bar stability. Further, the handles can be raised or lowered during the squat, a movement that positions the bar in safest and most advantageous placement. This is the best way to use it — let the handles move instead of holding them stiffly out in front.

Many people love it because of shoulder limitations and an abhorrence of the bar-on-the-back pain. The rotation of the bar to a likable position mid-movement is most agreeable for power reps or directing the resistance for quad engagement and performance.

Two out of 100 buyers (or so) are looking for something else and it doesn’t work for them. Unfortunately, shipping has gotten crazy expensive these recent years and we have no distribution, so buyers are unable to test the unit before buying.

Most people say their squats improve in effectiveness and that pain in the back and knees has been eliminated — less wrong stress — since using the TS. And, of course, many people could not squat ‘cuz of shoulder limitations…and now can.

Feels high and goofy for the first few sets.

Takes the usual daring and open mind to accept.