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Forward lean when squatting

I have a question on your Top Squat product. I don’t really like regular squats. I’ve been using a Manta Ray and it’s fine. With regular squats, the deeper or the heavier I go, I tend to lean forward. I’ve tried your wrist strap suggestion and it works okay. When I do front squats, I don’t have this problem and can go deeper and stay more erect. Does the Top Squat make it more like a front squat or will I still have the forward lean problem?

Thanks for your interest in the TS.

I believe the unit will accommodate your squatting preference. Imagine using your strap arrangement (straps on the bar, bring the hands forward). This allows comfortable hand positioning and relieves stress on the shoulders, but provides no control of the bar as you squat. With light weight you won’t lose it, and to assure its security you no doubt lean forward more than you’d like.

With the Top Squat you’re in complete control of the bar.

1) where you place it on the back is not determined by fragile externals (floppy straps or injured body parts), but by your choice for thigh and back loading, safety and development

2) how you move the bar as you descend — forward on the back by lowering the handles (more lean), or lower on the back by raising the handles (less lean) — is again your choice

3) super heavy weight if used is no problem

4) the unit requires little practice before it’s comfortable and its unique benefits are efficiently applied.

We have a 97.5% success rate thus far, well… more or less. I believe most of the less satisfied were in the earlier stages of training and it was beyond their needs. But of course, depending on the actual problem, the Top Squat may not solve it.

Carry on… God’s speed… Dave