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Top Squat Question

I was looking at the top squat and maybe I missed it in the reading, but in your opinion could the Top Squat considerably reduce the risk of shoulder injury? I’ve been pretty lucky so far, but some days I can tell that I overtrain. Just curious because I’ve used the Manta Ray and it’s effective enough, but on those heavy squat days my shoulder seems to get more of a workout than my legs.

I devised the unit specifically because of my own shoulder damage… cannot reach back to stabilize the bar.

The top squat allows the lifter to hold the bar in place without stress on the shoulder cage, and enables the essential relocation of position of the load on the back to perfect the squat movement. The Manta Ray holds bar in one place, too high on my back to be healthy for me and does not unload the stress on my shoulders.

Here’s a video a young coach made with the top squat recently — thanks, Nick.