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Chris M writes:
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Top Squat

I ordered the Top Squat and have been using it for two workouts now. I really like the sense of balance it provides and the ease with which I can squat really low comfortably. My shoulders were a little tender after using it, but I surmise it is because I am accustomed to using a pad and will be comfortable as soon as my shoulders toughen up. My next move is to explore different stances. I did not get the pump and day-after soreness on the quads that I am accustomed to, but rather on the muscles right below the glutes. This time I used the olympic bar instead of the Smith Machine. I welcome any suggestions you may have.

Thanks for the good word. You’re in charge from here. It’s a great piece with nothing but super reports from all users.

Practice and focus and be sensible and stay with the Olympic bar. Let the bar move with the natural body action. I believe in a short time you’ll find your favorite and most likable and productive groove.

Use a natural hip-wide stance, toes slightly outward and squat to a thigh-parallel position, slightly deeper in time as you gain the capability.

Don’t let your legs push up as your upper body lags behind… famous back killer. They move together.

Let the handles move along with you as you move down. Rotate the top squat handles upward (the bar will move backward) . Great control— you’ll love it. Always warm up thighs and knees.

Wear good sneaks — not of the running variety. I like 15, 12, 10, 8, 6 rep pattern… light weight to heavier weight.

Keep bombing… dave