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Dave Draper's Top Squat
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Price: $139.00
Weight: 16.00 pounds


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A rugged, streamlined, all-metal Top Squat is immediately available for your squatting madness (pleasure). What a relief! The updated TS is tank-solid iron, minus the pricey urethane padding. Pad it yourself and save 70 bucks. Or...skip the padding and get to work.

Note: We no longer carry the earlier polyurethane model. You may find a used one for sale on ebay or elsewhere, but there are no new poly-covered Top Squats, and we don't have an add-on pad.

Hefty enough for gorillas and designed for all levels of fitness advancement, this Sorinex-made unit makes squatting possible again when it once was retired to the heap of bittersweet memories.

Training without squatting is like lightning without thunder. The bright instantaneous dance of light is captivating, but you've got to feel the earth move under your feet and hear the great rumbling down the length of your back.

The Top Squat is as simple as squatting, agreeably not the easiest exercise in the lifter's repertoire, but possibly the most effective. You center your bar on the unit. Secure the beast to the bar with the provided nylon and Velcro safety straps and you're ready for action. After a few hardy workouts you'll probably forego the safety straps as the unit remains sufficiently in place by pressure.

Here's where the lifter does his thing, comfortably locating his or her body in relation to the apparatus. Stand close to the bar and grasp the handles near the curve and duck under the bar as is your customary approach. Maneuver yourself -- feet position, body erectness, shoulder and trap placement -- and unrack the bar adequately loaded to achieve a groove but not to set any world records. To begin I find that the handles in a 30-degree downward position are just right for comfort and the functional upward rotation. Testing: one, two, three. Be attentive, be confident.

Once in position, balanced and solid, move the handles up and down to become familiar with their range, sureness and advantage. As you raise the handles to parallel, the bar will follow the Top Squat's rotation and position the bar backward for ultimate squatting efficiency and performance, AKA the powerful and perfect squat. The erectness of the back can be determined by the raising or lowering of the handles, an added attraction I had not foreseen in the inception of the Top Squat, and came to appreciate later.

The action of the squat remains true. It is not altered unless you choose to for lower back safety, maximum thigh power or improved thigh recruitment.

Within a few sets of thoughtful squatting I think you'll agree the Top Squat builds strong legs while protecting the shoulders and back. If your shoulders are troublesome, you'll jump up and down like we do when we have a spectacular workout. If your shoulders are healthy, unimpaired and without pain, you must be young, invincible or new at the sport. Swell. The chances of you damaging your shoulders will be reduced considerably, as supporting the bar in the conventional manner while squatting is a tremendous stress on the vulnerable and overworked shoulder region.

Put squats back in your workouts and start climbing those once-impossible mountains again. Zoom zoom...

The Bomber... DD

"All of my trainees found the Top Squat very easy to use, convenient and comfortable, even while using weights in excess of four hundred pounds. The handles made control of the bar a non-issue. For those with shoulder problems and an inability to externally rotate the arm, the Top Squat is an extremely useful piece of equipment." Dr. Ken Leistner

Here Dave is demonstrating with the original model that was polyurethane covered. Today's version is metal, with rubber inserts, and is lighter because it's not coated with the polyurethane.

This is an industrial-grade metal piece that you rest your regular bar into to create handles in front so you don't have to bring your arms back behind the bar. Some people will use it to protect their shoulders as a preventative measure, or it will be used by people who want to squat and can't due to shoulder problems.

Will this fit your bar?
Probably. This new unit is wider than the original polyurethane-coated version, and will accommodate a bigger range of bars. The rubber insert will keep the bar from slipping, regardless of bar size.

Will it work for everyone?
No. Can a desperate squatter with bad shoulders make it work? Yes.

One thing we've heard is an occasional problem with the unit digging into the upper traps a little, which probably depends on the lifter's structure. If this happens to you, try putting a towel over your shoulders before getting under the bar and see if that doesn't fix the problem.

This new version is slick and rugged at 13 pounds, and comes with two velcro straps to secure it to your bar for additional reassurance. The tray measures 19.25 inches long and 2.75 inches wide from the outside edges. The handles are 15.5 inches long, and 30 inches at the farthest width.


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